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Keeping Up Your Journal For Good

The idea of journaling is often an attractive one. Not only can it help you remember matters or express yourself through the written word, but it can also help you enjoy a range of comfortable and confident personal benefits from doing so. Those who journal are better able to remember the facts and events in their life, because they have spent time writing about them. But also, journaling is an intensely positive personal effort, because it helps you reflect on yourself deeply, and think about how to best express your thoughts and opinions.

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Journaling can also prove quite fun. Writing down your longform ideas or thoughts on matters can help you come to an understanding about yourself, but also frame good and bad experiences in a more truthful light, which can often help you process those times much more easily. But as most of us know, keeping up a journal can be hard. It’s a daily effort that might not seem worth the time, particularly if we start getting bored.

With the following tips, you should have a better time of things:

Set A Time

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Setting a time for your journal efforts each and every day can help you keep up with this, and avoid long periods of none-writing. You needn’t spend an hour each evening doing this. A simple 10 minutes to note your day can be an enjoyable progression, especially if you add a few minutes each week. With this comfortable precedent set, you will start enjoying the process more, and becoming more and more effective at it. This is normal. Just as a sedentary person might take a small walk around the park, going for an extra minute each day can help train them to finally run three miles, it’s important to take small steps, but most importantly, you need to set a time that you stick to in a self-disciplined manner. This, in the end, will have the most positive effect.

Prepare Your Equipment

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It doesn’t take much to keep a journal. All you need is a pen and a notebook. But it’s nice to have a little bit of ceremony surrounding this. Purchasing a nice pen, or custom notebooks can help you feel a little more confident in your journal ability, because it’s nice to sit down with new materials and write with a sense of occasion. Your deepest thoughts deserve to be implemented in materials that please you.

Only Write About The Last Day

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It is extremely easy for those who journal to go down long spiraling tangents of thought circles. One thought might set off another, and this can lead to an almost infinite session of journaling. This can tire you. You might enjoy writing long-form the more you practice this, but start your efforts off with a very simple rule: only write about the previous day. This will help you note things down with a freshness of mind, and when you return to it, you’ll see the pressing thoughts you had at the time, and come to conclusions naturally, rather than trying to psychoanalyze yourself each and every time you try to journal.

With these tips, you’re sure to keep up your important journal for good.

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