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5 Gadgets That Will Help You with Homework

Each and every day there is a new gadget or app being launched to improve our lifestyles. Kids have become exposed to technology and they long to get their hands on them too. However, there have been negative effects of gadgets in the society and since it is not possible to keep kids away from them, teach them on the good uses of gadgets.

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With good management of these gadgets, there is no need to be stuck find pay for papers services available online. When buying gadgets for your kid ensure you choose those that come in handy with studies.


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This gadget has three products but the end result is that it is a paperless memo pad. It lets you create notes digitally and drawings, then save them to your computer, tablet or phone via Bluetooth. The best part is it is easy to use and you can place it anywhere as you use it. You can take this gadget along with you and as you work on your homework and later transfer your work to the computer.

LiveScribe Smartpen

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This is an amazing pen which is paired with a mobile app to connect to your tablet or Smartphone, it is multipurpose and works well. You grab the Smartpen and take notes on the dot paper while in class convert them to digital files in real-time to your tablet or phone. This makes homework easy because you have saved up all the important points the teacher mentioned and the best part is, one can use this gadget to record as the teacher gives a lecture. This makes homework easy as you listen to the recordings anytime and anywhere, this will make it easier to tackle the assignments.

Switchable keyboard

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The important thing is finding that one gadget that is multipurpose such as a keyboard. Imagine this sometimes you are not near your desktop computer, but you have your tablet or phone with you. Nothing takes away the morale to work on your homework like having a gadget that is not as functional as you would love for it to be. You are on your way home with no gadgets nearby, but as you discuss with your classmate you get that Aha! moment and you need to note it down fast. A switchable keyboard can be used on multiple devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, and desktop computers. They are full sized with the numeric keypad and it is powered by a USB port or batteries. It is easily connected through Bluetooth and can be carried anywhere conveniently.

LeapPad 2

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This is one is from a company that makes awesome gadgets for little ones to use. LeapPad tablet is for kids aged 9 years and below. It is well equipped with educational apps, games, videos, and music. This touchscreen tablet has a well designed writing and reading system.

Wacom Bamboo stylus mini

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When it comes to using your Smartphone to type unless it has a gigantic screen, it is always uncomfortable because you rely on the finger to type. It is time consuming and tasking just think of a time you will use to write an essay. It is tiring but what if you had a pen which you can connect to the microphone jack and use it to freely scribble on the phone. The Wacom is light and easy to fix and use, the slim rubber nib can be changed when need be.

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With these study gadgets, there are numerous apps which can be used for study skills and time management. There is so much expected from students and therefore good organizational and planning skills are needed, especially when working on thesis rush. It is easy to get distracted by the same gadgets which should be helping with your homework. At the same time, young people want to be up to date with all the latest news doing rounds in the social media.

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