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Some WordPress Blogging Tips and a few Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common blogging mistakes

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When trying to increase your blogging audience you tend to look for all kinds of wordpress blogging tips and avoid as many of the mistakes as possible. But how do you know you could be making a big mistake? If nobody tells you then you simply don’t know, as George W Bush once famously said “we don’t know what we don’t know”. So here I have put together a few No No’s to help speed up your learning curve.

WordPress blogging tips and your look & feel

Concentrating too much on the design or the look and feel is a big mistake, sure go ahead and make it look good but do remember what looks good to you may just look absolutely awful to your readers. I see so many blogs and sites with vivid colors of both text and background. I personally keep it to black text on a white background, to give you an idea just try reading white text on a black background.. Its difficult and tiring, click off goes your visitor.

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The above paragraph brings me on to content, which should be of value to your reader and focused tightly around your blogs niche or something that is directly related to it. Google is in the business of providing information to its searchers and they make billions providing that quality information and if your content is of great value and informative, guess who’s blog or site they’re eventually going to find. Another of my wordpress blogging tips is perseverance, in the previous sentence I said eventually, well thats where your perseverance comes in.

Yes I know you want to make money

And so did I and sooner rather than later in my case, and as soon as we get a trickle of traffic, wham! up goes the ads. And pretty soon you can be spoiled for choice with various affiliate programs and other marketing opportunities. If you have a blog or a site that is full of banner ads particularly of the flashing variety and other brightly colored ads not forgetting the regulation vivid red text quite possibly saying order now.. then I’m sorry its click, and your visitor is out’a here.

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Your advertising and affiliate programs should be of benefit to your visitor and directly related to your niche, even down to a page of content for a product. Another of my wordpress blogging tips is keep your advertising subtle and remeber text links work far better than banners, yes I know the banners are easy, but nobody said it was easy.

WordPress blogging tips for maximizing profits

Simply put profit is your income minus expenses and the goal of any business including an affiliate business is to increase and maximize profits. And as an affiliate there are precisely two ways to increase the money you have coming in.

1. Refer more visitors to a program you represent

2. Increase the conversion rate, which means the percentage of visitors you refer and those visitors then carrying out an action for which the program pays you. Which could be buy a book or simply provide information.

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So if you send 100 of your visitors to your affiliate program in 1 day and 1% buy you shall be paid 1 time for that sale. However if you send a 1000 of your visitors in 1 day and 3% buy you get paid 30 times, 30 times more, so its clearly important to work on increasing your conversion rate. So what do you have to do to increase your conversion rates. Well it doesn’t cost you anything extra in terms of time or money, you just have to get things right.

So your two goals are to maximize targeted traffic to your merchants and to maximize conversion rates. Bear in mind you must do both together as we can see above your earnings are determined by the traffic multiplied by the conversion rate, not added.

Promote your site

Personally I dislike having to spend money promoting a blog or a site but if you want to get a quick jump start you may just have to spend a little and I do mean a little. So this is my last of the wordpress blogging tips here and it is to use blog networks to promote your site.

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All you need to do is create an account with one of these networks and there are a few that are based around a traffic exchange principal, where you earn credits by visiting other members blogs. After which those credits can be used to make other members visit your blog or display your banner around the network.

Interestingly, and this is where the spending of money can come in to play. Most of these blog networks allow members to buy credits usually for a surprisingly small amount. I hope you have enjoyed these wordpress blogging tips and the best of luck to your blogging success.

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    I agree with your post. It always strikes me as counter-intuitive when people who seek to ‘make money online’ are always SPENDING money. They look at it as an investment, when in reality most of the times it’s an expense.


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