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Top Tips for Lawyers to Become More Efficient

Above all else, efficiency is essential at law firms, yet lawyers can often feel like this is impossible. There is so much to do each day, whether client meetings or


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4 Decor Ideas for a Productive Home Office

With more and more of use working from the home office, it has become essential to have a productive workspace. You need an office where you love to work. You


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How You Can Be More Productive When Working For Yourself

Working for yourself, be that as a freelancer or on your own business venture can be quite a lonely place to be. You are relying on yourself, and your actions


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How To Find The Right Technology For Your Business

Ah, startups. They’re new, they’re fun and they’re breaking the business markets into little pieces. We are living in a digital era and we are all obsessed with connectivity and


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Strategies To Conserve The Resources Of Your Digital Startup

Use Technology To Your Advantage 5 Ways Tech Startups Can Save Money There is no end to the technological potential available for most digital startups today. If you’re wise enough



How Are These Business Efficiency Tips Still A Secret?

Starting a business these days can be done in about 12 minutes. You come up with a company name, buy a domain, build your own website, click publish and start


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Top 5 Sustainable Commercial Designs of 2012

Sustainable commercial designs incorporate eco-friendly technologies into all aspects of the company. A sustainable company not only cares just about the appearance of looking eco-friendly, but also the real impact


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#WDNDL For 7/14/2009 – Web Inspirations, jQuery & WordPress Tutorials, & Freebies!

Its Tuesday! Its been a great week for me, how bout you guys? Today’s links have some awesome stuff in them, especially the Pencil art one, that is AMAZING. Check them all out tho ;). Also, If you have noticed that there is a new look, Phase 1 of the redesign has been launched! So Look around! And Stay tuned for Phase 2 very soon!! Thanks everyone for all the love and support, I appreciate you all! Now Get your Daily Nerdy Web Development/Design Links!!