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6 Tips for Staying Upbeat in the Office

Working in an office can be both the best and worst experience. Whether there’s drama, high-stress, mind-numbingly slow days, or office meetings, you can see the full spectrum of emotion come out in one day.

But what about those days that are just terribly tough? How do you go through them without going mad, and how can you help them end on a positive note? Before you get to your last nerve, try one or more of the following so you can conquer the day!

Create a Haven

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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Workspace

Do you feel comfortable in your workspace? Does it feel like it’s actually yours, an extension of you? Filling your workspace with photos, quotes, and trinkets will give you a feeling of being at home. Rather than seeing yourself in foreign territory, you’ll be able to relax and be at peace amongst items of your own choosing.

Call on the Cavalry

A brother in arms can help you out with encouragement, giggles, and distractions. Hopefully, you have a friend in the office that do at least one of those things. Having a teammate close by can be super helpful when you’re stressed about a project or need to clear your mind for a few minutes.

If you don’t have a buddy nearby to turn to, start doing what you can to make a new friend (or friends) in the office. And it never hurts to have someone outside the office on speed dial either.

Bring Humor into Your Space

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This one is all about giving your mind a break. Whether you love comic strips or memes, podcasts or video clips, you can spend a few moments on your own or with your coworkers to separate yourself from your workload and laugh instead.

Take a Break and…

  • listen to music – Change it up if you’ve had something playing all day.
  • get moving – Keep back pain at bay by going for a walk or having a mini contest with your coworkers running in place.
  • read – Bring a book, catch up on current events, or research something you’re interested in.
  • start planning – Reward yourself with an awesome trip or dinner at a new restaurant.
  • do absolutely nothing – It’s okay to lean back in your chair and close your eyes or stare at the ceiling.

Forget Yourself for One Minute

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When you can’t take it anymore, time yourself for one minute. In that one minute, you’re not allowed to talk about, think about, or do your own work.

Instead, you’re going to leave your workspace and do something for someone else in your office–but be quick, it’s only a minute! Fill their coffee cup, stick a kind note on their desk, or help them resolve a problem. Whatever it is, allow yourself to be free of your stressful projects and be generous towards someone else.

When in Doubt, Grab a Coffee

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That, or a few treats you absolutely love. Try to keep any junk food and coffee balanced with water and fruits or vegetables; but sometimes you just need to double up on fuel. Whether they’re guilty pleasures or your favorite feel-good snacks, a quick taste of something that makes you happy can give you the positive boost you need to finish out the day strong.

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