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You Always Reap What You Sow With Online Marketing

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When you start a business online, there’s a lie that some smart spark will always tell you. Don’t worry about marketing and promotion. If you’re running an online company, marketing is free! Oh, is it really? When then, you might ask, why is the online marketing industry now worth billions.? Oh dear, so many silly people buying marketing that they apparently don’t need. The answer of course is simple. Online marketing isn’t free. What they should actually say is that it’s possible to market your business for free online because it is. You just won’t see results anywhere near the level that people who use professional services and products do. We can look at each form of online marketing systematically to figure out why this is the case.

Surely Using Social Media Is Free?

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Of course it is, you feel free to set up as many accounts and profiles as you like online. You can have one on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many, many more. However, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get interest from customers or receive many follows and likes. To get attention online, you need to organize a full assault on users. They need to be hit with reminders that you exist every time they use social media. The problem here is time. Do you have time to add new content every day all day with multiple pieces each hour? Are you ready to promote it, produce it and basically sell it so that people share it increasing your ranking? If you’re not then, you’re going to struggle. That’s why you need to hire a social media expert to handle your accounts. Most big businesses have more than one person working on their social media.

SEO Is Simple Though?

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The basic form of SEO is quite simple. You add links, keywords that connect with your topic and theoretically customers will find your site. That’s probably the basic understanding that most business owners have of what SEO is and how it works. But is that the full story? No, because even social media is now a part of SEO as well as whether the content you product is trending. There’s also the fact that it’s very easy to slip into using what are SEO tactics that aren’t embraced or accepted by Google. If you do this you will damage your search ranking and SEO companies know this. That’s why they no longer use them and instead focus on more subtle methods of boosting the ranking. Again, it’s why you should invest in their services.

Ah, But Content IS Clear And Clever

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It will be if you have someone that knows how to write and produce content which appeals to customers. For every piece of content that goes viral, there’s another that isn’t shared by a single person. This is why you need a pro working on your campaign. If you don’t have their help then your content will probably just be ignored completely.

We hope you see now how you get what you pay for with online marketing. Sometimes it’s worth making a larger investment to get a greater return.

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