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The Magic of Marketing: Why Is it So Important in Business?

Marketing is the be all and end all in business, you might have the best business idea in the world, but without the right marketing and promotion, you will never get out there to your clients and customers.

Product Promotion: How To Create A Buzz Around Your Business

To make sure you’re giving your business the very best chance, either you or someone on your team should be qualified and experienced in marketing. You could do a distance learning marketing degree or employ someone with the right skills and experience. Either way, this isn’t something to overlook- it’s not a case of ‘build it and they will come.’ Here are a few marketing strategies that are worth trying out.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Social media is a free and effective way to connect with customers and clients, in fact, it’s one of the most important things you can get involved in when it comes to marketing and promotion. Not only does it help you to connect with customers, but it can build up loyalty and trust and helps to show your potential customers that you are a legitimate business. From a completely practical point of view, social media marketing has higher conversion rates than most other kinds of marketing which is useful to know, especially when social media accounts are free to set up.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Start Affiliate Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

With affiliate marketing, businesses place their ads or links on a third party website, and the owner of the site gets commission for every sale made. The benefit of this is the commission is usually relatively small and working with various websites is likely to get their ad seen by a wide range of people. It’s a basically a ‘recommendation’ from the website owner and is actually one of the oldest forms of marketing.

How to Setup an Affiliate Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Create an affiliate program and then liaise with bloggers and website owners who would be interested in working with the business. The benefit to them is they can earn easy money with very little work. And they get to promote their products to people who may otherwise never have stumbled across their site.

Business Expos

Be The Star Of The Show: The Secrets To Trade Show Success

Attending an business expo event is a fantastic chance to get your business out there, network to secure new customers and clients. If you’re thinking of attending, the first thing to consider is your stall itself. Since these are significant events with lots of stalls, customers will never be able to visit them all so many will make their decisions based mainly on how they look. Don’t go with the same old dull display and presentations that many others will be using. Go with something exciting and dynamic.

Top Tips For Promoting Your Tech Products At Trade Shows

If you incorporate things like games, competitions, challenges and live demonstrations, these will all grab the audience’s interest, and make them far more eager to get involved. At the end of the event, it’s important to follow up on all of the leads you gained. This is the reason you attended, so if you take down contact details of interested businesses, you can always send them a polite follow up shortly afterwards and proceed from there.

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