How Progressive Profiling Can Be Used to Generate 100x More Leads for Your Business

The key to any successful business is satisfying your customers. However, satisfying customers is no easy task. You first need to understand their needs and be in their shoes. This is the only way to recognize their needs. The more businesses understand their audiences, the easier it gets selling to them. This is where progressive profiling comes in to generate more leads for your business.

Progressive profiling is simply becoming smart and more efficient in the way you collect information from traffic on your site. It is a way of getting a true picture of the leads on your site. Some of the latest progressive profiling techniques allow businesses to ask their leads specific questions. This, in turn, aids with higher conversion rates as you get to understand your leads better.

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In a nutshell, progressive profiling is capturing the right prospect information at the right time. You don’t want to give out long forms that put off prospects from the first time they visit your site. While getting as much information as possible from your customer is great, getting using long forms will lead to prospects abandoning the forms halfway. The progressive filing is proven to deliver higher conversion rates while also helping you collect more information.

This leads us to certain big questions which we have addressed below:

How can businesses generate 100x more lead using progressive profiling?

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This type of profiling offers lead intelligence where you slowly learn about your prospect without turning them off. When done correctly and combined with your marketing strategies, businesses stand to gain a lot in sales. Here are some ways that progressive profiling can lead to more leads:

Onboarding new customers

You can use progressive profiling to get new customers. This is done by collecting small bits of information without making the visitor experience intrusive. Customers usually get a better experience as people don’t like to be bothered with long-form questions.

This can then be followed by identifying pain points for your customers and addressing them in a step-by-step process. You can be sure the same customers will visit your site again for more engaging content. Progressive filing can be made easier with automation tools where only meaningful questions or offers are sent to specific customers.

A step-by-step guide on how progressive profiling can generate 100x leads

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Collect critical data for your business

What kind of data do you want from your customers? This is crucial. You’re not just creating short forms to collect names and emails. Identify data that will enable you to understand your customer better. To send your audience meaningful messages and emails, you first need to understand them. Different kinds of information are usually required depending on the nature of your business. Here are some of the basic data you need to collect:

  • Name and email
  • Demographics (age, sex, income level, level of education and nationality)
  • Customer value. You will need transactional data to value this
  • Personal tastes and preferences
  • Interests

We all agree you cannot get all this information on the first time customers to visit your site. You will collect this information through the customer’s journey.

Creating several personas for different customers

Based on the data collected above, you’re now able to classify your customers. Look for basic factors that set them apart. High-quality lead generation is only possible through personalized messages. The messages need to connect with customers. You will need to understand the various customer groups visiting your site and create a personalized subscriber on your email list. This is the only way businesses can address different customer needs.

Ways businesses can ask for customer information

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Web forms

Web forms in most cases are the first point between you and your customers. These are forms that enable visitors to gain access to your e-Book, webinar, newsletter, and a free whitepaper. In most web forms, you need to start with the most basic data collection of name and email address. Few more questions like gender, date of birth, zip code and follow.

For businesses offering a wide range of products, give your customers choices depending on their interests. Let them sign up for campaigns that interest them. Most customers are sensitive when giving out information. Be sensitive and create some sense of trust. Once they feel safe, they can give more personal information like phone number, shoe size, and much more.


Emails give businesses a great way to follow the customers throughout their journey. Most emails are for marketing, but the trend needs to change once subscribers become customers. Make sure attention is paid to a customer’s transaction detail if you plan to retain them for the foreseeable future.

Go right ahead and ask customers about their buying experience to know their satisfaction level. Rate products using things like cart abandonment, shipping notification, and order confirmation.


Surveys are also excellent tools to get meaningful information from customers. However, they need to be short and precise if users are going to fill them. It is not easy getting responses to surveys unless you offer some form of reward. You can also make the survey questions fun to respond to and great looking.


Pop-ups have the reputation of being annoying, but it all comes down to the reason of the pop-up. Businesses need to analyze their customers carefully and choose the right time to send a pop-up. You need only to bring meaningful pop-ups written in an excellent copy if you expect some response.

How to effectively use data collected to make sales

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Data collected can be segmented into two parts; short term and long term.  Long term data is data that will not change over time and can be used year after year in your emails. Short-term data on the other hand only remains relevant for a short period. A good example is asking customers their goals for the month or year and running a targeted campaign based on their answers.

The best way to get leads is to combine the power of progressive profiling with on-site retargeting. Let’s have a step-by-step process on how this works:

Step 1: A visitor to your site register for a webinar

After reading a blog post on your site, the visitor decided to register for a webinar by giving out their email address. The visitor probably saw some useful content on your blog but did not understand how your product works.

When the visitor comes to your site again, make sure you ask for something different. Ask them their name and request a call-to-action where they sign up for the next webinar.

Step 2: Subscriber attending the webinar

When the same visitor comes again, offer a free demo sign up or a discounted trial. This will give the visitor a first-hand experience on how your product works.

Step 3: Subscriber trying your product

The subscriber is now trying your product to see if it will help him solve his problems. This is a great time for you to come in and send videos on how the product works. Show the subscriber how to get most out of the product before the trial period ends.

This is also a great time when most visitors are willing to share a lot about their company. At this stage, you can ask questions like their income level, type of business and much more.

Step 4: Prompted message a day before the trial ends

The subscriber trial is coming to an end, and you don’t want them to leave without signing up as paid subscribers. Most might not subscribe even after using the product couple times. This will be a great time to book a call for some consultation or offer to extend the trial. You can ask for their phone number at this stage.

This will also be a perfect stage to classify the lead as cold or as one that you can add to your main list.

Step 5: Subscriber becomes a paid customer

This is the dream of all business when finally their leads turn to pay customers. At this stage, they are impressed with the product and decided to sign up.

Through these five stages, you will realize you collected enough data which led to closing down the deal. The visitor easily gets to convert at different stages of call-to-action. At every stage, new information about the customer has submitted something which is impossible if you requested all the information at once.

Final Verdict

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With progressive profiling, businesses can easily gain more meaningful data on their customers lead to more conversion rates. Make use of every single opportunity when a lead is in touch with your website. Make sure there are minimal forms on each landing page and only ask the right questions. Nurturing your lead is all about learning more about them every single time they visit your site.

Progressive profiling is powerful in getting you more leads and eventually converting them. Don’t waste too much space on your landing page with long forms. Get more information on your leads every time to help you close them.

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