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How to Setup an Affiliate Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes, the affiliate marketing is known as one of the most effective digital marketing programs which are available to small trade. Why? No risk is there when it comes to doing affiliate marketing as you just need to pay after getting the better results delivered. Utilizing an affiliate marketing program, you are agreeing for paying your affiliate partners a referral payment for every sale or lead which is created. Sometimes, affiliate marketing is referred to as a partnership marketing as you will be teaming up with others for helping you in selling your services and/or products.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Affiliate marketing is a functionality based way of marketing – you as the seller have products and services for selling and another person as the partner or affiliate is promoting your products for a piece of the functionality.

You as the seller choose how big a commission for paying and only you pay your partner when you actually have verified that the sale has really been made properly. If you anyway are having a money-back assurance, then after the sale of this period is over.

How to setup an Affiliate Program

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Today there are numerous affiliate programs available on the web, so it is essential to make yours different and best and lucrative enough to draw the attention of the professional affiliate marketers. If you have done, then you are pretty awesome on your way to an accomplished affiliate program.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to setup an affiliate program to help you know affiliate marketing a little better:

Step-1: Understanding the expenses related to the setup of an affiliate program

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The first thing you need to understand in affiliate marketing is the expenses involved in it. Usually, these can be classified into three bigger areas:

  • Creative expense – Somebody requires designing all the creative materials, videos, banners, landing pages, and so forth for this program.
  • Platform expense – In order to run an affiliate program, you require an affiliate network or software so that it can help you with the regular stuff.
  • Management expense – You require somebody, like an affiliate marketing manager, so that he can supervise as well as run this program.

Step-2: Understanding the commissions properly and knowing how much to pay

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When you are talking about commissions, the first thing you must understand is the model on which you are going to get commissions. Two prime models are there in use, they are:

  • Paying commission on the per lead basis (PPL)
  • Paying commission on the per sale basis

Step-3: Launching as well as running an affiliate program

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So, it’s finally time to launch your affiliate program, but launching it without getting any affiliate onboard is not a wise thing – without an affiliate/partner you can’t make any sale.

Step-4: Continuously looking for new affiliate partners

Don’t just take rest if you have a few good affiliates, as you never know when they may choose to leave you. So, safeguard yourself by recruiting new partners actively. Advertise your affiliate program on your website, contact promising affiliates directly, or list or advertise in affiliate directories, in order to find new partners.

Step-5: Taking care of the affiliate partners

Phone conversation

The Care and Feeding of Your Affiliates

Welcome your affiliates to your program by communicating with them and send out them your product additions, or updates on changes. Offer them useful tips or guides on how they can market your product successfully. Always invest your time in it.

An accomplished affiliate marketing program gradually develops, but with a little effort, it can be able to maximize your online sales notably. Put your effort on it and you will see the best results of your time and money investment in this marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing can be an awesome channel for getting new potential clients and increasing your income if you take time on understanding how to setup an affiliate program successfully.

Affiliate Program Challenges

Surviving the Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing

With any type of new marketing strategy, affiliate program doesn’t come without its own challenges.

  • Getting potential affiliates – Beginning affiliate marketing is not hard to setup, but getting potential affiliates which can aid in driving better business can be really challenging enough. It’s about connections with affiliates, they just promote your services and products with the business they find reliable. Most of them have faced issues earlier so finding good affiliates in your program can be challenging and it’s also what can either make or break your program.
  • Investment of time – Do not think it as a plug-and-play solution as affiliate marketing really needs your investment of time. You require spending more time on your program for getting it developed, recruiting new affiliates, and then offering the ongoing affiliate handling. You will also see that most of the time you will be investing in keeping your affiliates happy, handling their expectations, and solving their problems.
  • Technology – While creating a program you should get technology which will track your affiliate sales properly but in fact more than that it should be an easy-to-use system. If it is very difficult and doesn’t offer proper reporting affiliates will turn out.
  • Keep clear strategies and tactics – You must not want to disassemble your affiliate marketing program with your own marketing strategies. Remember that affiliates drive lots of businesses via search marketing. And if you’re both competing on the similar keywords this can sometimes lead to problems. For instance, if you do not want them for bidding on your brand terms and conditions are up front regarding this at the initial stage of the affiliate program.

Final Verdict

If you are thinking about building an affiliate program, then it’s a wise choice for your business and you should definitely go ahead with your plan. It will surely develop your business. You can also plan on cutting expenses on the affiliate tracking software and want to host your own.

Do not forget to utilize a third party affiliate platform whenever you are thinking about starting affiliate marketing.

This way you can give your business a good start and a success of your affiliation depends on how properly you can do the affiliate marketing program.

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