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4 Reasons Print Marketing Still Works

Though digital marketing gets most of the attention and a growing share of advertising budget, print marketing is still going strong. Not only has the internet failed to eliminate print but some of its limitations have led many to resume print marketing. Here are four reasons print marketing still works and the types of print marketing that remain useful to any business.

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It Reaches Its Audience

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Pop up ads were popular until the pop-up blocker made them almost obsolete. Advertisers that use online advertising have to take this new reality into consideration and try to circumvent ad blockers in any way that they can. People are increasingly seeing online ads as a nuisance and have started building a blind spot to them. Ads have become more or less part of the background and making an impact with digital ads, especially banners and popups, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Conversely, print leaflets work because they reach your audience. Even the printed flyer glanced at before being tossed is more effective at reaching its audience than online ads that are never seen by your audience.

It Is Visceral

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Try to think of the dozens of online ads you probably saw today, whether it was a viral video or ad next to the search results. It is hard to remember the details of any of them unless it was a particularly funny or shocking viral video or a really good deal you took advantage of. The sheer volume of them causes us to lose most of the information in any we see and the learned habit of skimming over online content is eroding even that little bit of context, barring the massive popup that says: “subscribe here/sign up or you can’t read the content”.

Compare this to printed cards with information about your product or service. People see it at the same time they are handling it. The physical connection with the printed material in and of itself increases the odds they’ll remember it for five minutes and think of your company again in five days when they are thinking of ordering a product or service like yours.

It Lasts

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Online ads fade from memory in seconds and they disappear off the screen with the next web search or scroll down the social media feed. In contrast, a physically printed advert lasts as long as the person keeps it around. The flyer could lie around for weeks before they take advantage of the offer and the brochure could sit in a briefcase for days before they reread or toss it. However, the flyer and brochure have an advantage over the digital ads in that they can last in the real world with your intended audience for a long time.

Before you research flyer printing costs, think about the type of content that will stay in front of your potential customer the longest. A takeout menu could sit on a fridge for weeks or be tossed in moments. A sports calendar will stay up for months, even if they never order from you, but the odds they will increases. A move-in checklist will be stared at for hours by new residents and potentially shared, all while promoting a service to new residents. Bus schedules, local maps or useful checklists will be held onto for a while and at least read in detail, while tactful marketing will impress the reader.

Another option is informational brochures. Whether a healthy advice brochure or warning message, you’ll make a deeper impression when you give them the solid advice on equally solid printed material.

Targeted Ads at a Low Cost

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You could pay a fortune to have targeted ads show up in response to high competition key terms. Or you could get a client list, invest in cheap leaflet printing and send out print flyers to all of your strong prospects. You know it will at least reach the intended audience and often for a lower price per reader than the PPC ad. Or, you can use leaflet printing to create low cost and easy to place flyers on cars or in mailboxes to get the word out to everyone in a specific geographic area, whether they search the web or not. And, you don’t have to agonize over what local or niche keywords your intended customers may be using.


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As you can see, print marketing is far from dead and still has its place in 2017. Printed materials reach their intended audience, something online ads may never do. The visceral nature of printed materials creates a stronger, deeper impression with the reader, even if only glanced at in passing. Well-designed printed materials may market your product or service to the customer for months and printed materials can be distributed to lists of very niche customers at low cost or distributed to a specific local area.

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