Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Visits to Cash

The website you built for your business is very important. But why? Well, because it’s there to increase sales. A lot of people know this. But how well do they really understand it? The problem is that there are a lot of businesses that have pretty useless websites. If anyone sees their website, they don’t respond much at all. At best, they have a little browse, maybe for a few minutes if you’re really lucky. And then they click away and go watch a cat video or something.

How to make choosing easier

How exactly do you get that person to become a customer? This process is known as conversion. You need to be able to convert the people who visit from website from an idle browser to a paying customer. And that’s true even if the sales aren’t made directly through your website.

We’re going to have a good look at some of the top reasons your website isn’t converting enough people.

No-one is even seeing your website

Very important prerequisite for a conversion to a sale via your website: someone has to actually see your website. Sure, you have a few visitors every now and then. They’re not resulting in any sales, though, so you need to rethink your strategy. But it could be that you’re simply not getting the right traffic, or enough of the right traffic. SEO specialists like can help you with that problem.

You’ve Created Your Landing Page – Now What?

Your website is flashy, but not functional

You’ve probably heard several times that a website needs to look amazing in order to get sales. Well, that’s certainly part of it. Yes, it should look attractive and professional. But the functionality should come first. Let’s look at a modern website design trick that looks professional and flashy: the carousel. It’s been a popular trend for a few years, though it’s popularity is on the decline. Why? Because it’s proven time and time again to be off-putting to visitors. It’s just fiddly and obstructive. Focus on user experience and functionality.

anatomy of a mobile landing page that converts visits into cash
The Anatomy of a Mobile Landing Page That Converts

Too many options

You may have thought that featuring a plethora of options on your website would help drive sales. After all, don’t customers love to have loads of choice? It could be choice in the actual products themselves. It could be choice about the information they’re viewing on the website. But things actually tend to get a little complex when you introduce a lot of options. It turns out that when you give someone too many options, their brain just kinda freezes up. It ends up being less likely that you’ll convert a visitor to a sale.

Choice paralysis: 3 ways the number of choices impacts conversions

You’re not testing your changes

So you’re making a change to your website. But how do you know that this change is actually going to be a positive one? And I’m not just talking about the change versus the way that site is already. I’m talking about other potential changes you could be making. The way your website is designed has tremendous effects on the probability of conversion. (As you’ve probably figured out by now!) That’s why you should be looking into A/B testing before applying changes.

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