Land Of The Freelancer, And Home Of The Business: The Ups And Downs Of Outsourcing

In the world of business, outsourcing a contractor is a great way to complete tasks quickly and without fuss. For the full-time staff members, they can view contractors with disdain as contractors are viewed as cheap labour. However you look at it, the world of contractors will be here for a long time. From the temp workers to online freelancers there are many logical reasons from the business perspective to use them. If you are considering hiring a freelancer or outsourcing work yourself, look at the key points below and see if it is suitable to your needs.

The Distant Relationship

You are able to have a distant relationship with your contractor. This will leave you more time to run the business properly. This has good and bad points, depending on your leadership style. If you like to run a business hands on and keep in contact regularly, then having distance may not be suitable for what you need. But if you are used to delegating work and letting them crack on with it, then this is a lot easier. They are at the end of an email if you need them. Otherwise, they can get on with the tasks they are meant to be doing.

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Communication Can Be Time Consuming

If your contractors are at the end of an email, it can be frustrating to wait for an email response to the one that you sent some time ago. And if this email is to fix an error that is a major one that holds things up at your end, it can be doubly annoying. Although it depends on the nature of the contract. If you have outsourced it duties, then they will be more communicative regarding emails. If you need to communicate with people, it may be worth using the telephone via a VoIP system or arranging regular contact with your freelancers to touch base.

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Managing The Staff

If you are trying to keep contact with your freelancer and they are nowhere near you, this is very difficult. They could be on the other side of the world, for example. Contact is difficult if you send a query and they don’t reply for 12 hours due to time differences. Likewise, offering feedback is difficult to implement as you will have to wait for the feedback to be acknowledged, which can take some time when in a different hemisphere.

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Choice Is In Abundance

If you are trying to pick the best of the best, it is easier to do so with some freelance websites. If you are looking for a relatively short task to be completed, then you can guarantee a quick turnaround regarding applicants. At the same time, if you are unhappy with the work they are doing for you, then ending the contract is a lot easier than a standard permanent one. It has many benefits if you are already having little contact with them because it spares the personal aspects being interfered with. As they are freelancers by nature, it will be easier news to break with them.

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