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Myths About Your iPhone Battery – Busted

It has to be said that iPhones do divide opinion, with some people seeing them as nothing more than a flashy, beautiful toy – all form and not that much function. For others, their iPhone is an extension of their own body and mind and is just as indispensable. Both camps, however, can be taken in by the many myths that surround this device, so let’s have a look at seven of the most common and pervasive misapprehensions about the iPhone. You never know, you could end up being a convert…

You never have to turn off your iPhone

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Should You Shutdown Your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad at Night?

Any device that runs from a battery needs to be turned off once in a while. This could be once a month when you give it a thorough cleaning, or once a week when you have your Sunday lie-in. However often you power down your iPhone, this device needs it as much as any other in order to maintain battery health.

Charging your iPhone overnight will ruin the battery

No. Just no. Your iPhone has a lithium-ion battery that stops charging when it’s all full. Your phone might be connected to the charger, but there’s nothing doing, so no damage there.

Using non-Apple chargers will damage your iPhone

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Apple iPhone battery myths BUSTED: 5 things you NEED to know before plugging in

Non-Apple or off-brand chargers won’t charge your phone as quickly as brand ones, but they won’t actually damage the iPhone in any way, shape or form. Do be careful to buy a reputable off-brand charger, though, not a cheap and nasty one that will fail within days or even catch fire! If your iPhone gets burned or scorched, not even Apple repair stores can help you!

You can’t use your iPhone while it’s charging

Ahhh…rubbish! You can use your iPhone as much as you want while it’s charging. You might notice it heating up a bit more than it normally does, but tales of exploding phones and whatnot are just that – tales.

The more apps you have on your iPhone, the more the battery is drained

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Apple iPhone myth busted – does this popular trick really save your battery life?

This is kind of right, but then again not. It’s not the number of apps you have on your phone that drains the battery, it’s the number of apps that are active. If you have your apps set to refresh in the background, then this will zap your battery. Check in Settings to reduce the number of apps that do this and make sure you delete any that you no longer use.

You only get good photos if you have a high megapixel camera

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The iPhone camera and the megapixel myth

This is a common complaint about iPhones and their cameras, but it’s not just the megapixel value that makes for stunning images. You also have to have decent-sized lenses made from top-quality material, high-spec sensors, and excellent hardware and software to process the images. It’s the combination of all these factors (and your amazing photography eye, of course!) that creates great images and Apple has always sought to create and maintain this synergy.

Using an iPad charger will damage your iPhone

This is simply not the case. There’s no reason for this to happen at all; in fact, using an iPad charger will charge your iPhone more efficiently!

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