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Personal Portable Sensors: What do I need to know?

An essential part of modern healthcare, sensor devices are a quick and simple way to take ownership over your own healthcare and make an informed decision in seeking treatment. Now readily available online, finding the right device to suit your needs can be incredibly challenging.
So, what are personal portable sensors and how do they work to support your personal health?

How do they work?

A leading type of sensor, a blood pulse oximeter, a device that painlessly clips to the tip of a finger and measures the oxygen saturation throughout your body. The instrument shines a beam of light onto your skin and tracks the degree of light absorption and infra-red absorption in your blood. This then allows the device to calculate your degree of saturation to a very high and reliable degree.

If you have ever been in hospital, you will recognise the ‘clips’ that are attached to patients and feed stats into a central machine that can track them over a long period of time. Modern devices are small and highly accurate, allowing you to take measurements with ease and use them on a daily basis or as required.

Why are they popular now?

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Put simply, the rise of Covid 19 has put personal health on everyone’s roadmap. This means taking precautions to protect yourself and other friends, but also ensuring that you take every step possible to correctly test yourself. As one of the early warning signs of Covid 19 infection is a drop in blood oxygen levels and picking up a device potentially allows you to secure an early warning about infection or test regularly to track your health or chart your recovery.

This makes picking up a device a tempting prospect for many individuals, with a blood pulse oximeters small footprint making it an easy addition to every handbag or satchel. And with additional options that allow for the tracking of heart rates and other essential vital stats – they are a solid pick for anyone conscious about their health.

Where can I find them?

If you’re interested in picking up a device, the good news is that you are spoiled for choice. Finding a blood pulse oximeter, portable blood pressure cuff, or other devices is little more than a click away through sites such as Amazon eBay and more. However, while this is convenient, it is worth remembering that it is essential to ensure that your provider is reputable, and the device can be fully trusted.

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When it comes to reliability, looking to established businesses such as Sensoronics or other market leaders can help you find the trustworthy support you need. Though this may seem like a pain, it will ensure that you end up with a quality device that you can count on when the chips are down to give you advance warning, check your recovery and more with ease and dependability.

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