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Differences Between Good And Bad Blogs

A successful blogger will be able to immediately spot at least 5 differences between their blog and a blog that isn’t doing that good at the moment. That goes to show that starting a blog is very easy but making it a popular place people visit often isn’t.

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In this article, we’ll be looking at how to make a blog pop out and stand out from the crowd. There are some elements that make a gigantic difference and the fact that they aren’t used is what differentiates bad blogs from good, great and amazing ones. Here we go.

Multiple types of media

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Don’t be afraid to use different types of media throughout your blog. If you’re going  to make it a strictly text blog you might find out that people get bored. Try incorporating video or audio clips into your blog posts in creative ways that will inspire your readers or even leave them in awe. An example of this would be using specific sound clips for different portions of a blog post. While creating a sequenced blog post that has readers switch between pages or segments, you can add a representative sound clip to each of them. For example, if you have an entire segment of the post dedicated to a story about birds, you can have audio of chirping in the background to add to the atmosphere. It’s a small detail but can make a big difference.

Video is also very useful in certain situations. You can use a video clip to quickly explain something that is mentioned in the blog but you’re afraid not all readers will get or be able to do. Incorporating a quick video tutorial on something before detailing it in the blog is easier and more efficient than allocating another whole paragraph to doing the exact same thing the video does, but in writing.

Organized and clean layout

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Many blogs throw away their shot at success because they have a messy layout. Make your blog’s menus and buttons be tidily organized and cleanly take readers to parts of the blog, without creating confusion. Also, you can use the sides of a blog post to show useful information such as “recommended reads” or “here’s what you might like next” and “the latest entries”. Implementing things like this will always provide the readers with content on-demand and will ensure that they will spend more time on the blog than if they would have to search for everything themselves.

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Having a cluttered and messy layout for the blog not only looks bad, but also makes visitors feel uninvited or unwanted on the platform because they don’t instantly understand how things work there. Making everything clean and great to look at will make readers fill right at home.

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