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When Do You Need a Spiral Conveyor?

In the world of manufacturing, technology trends can sometimes move as rapidly as product turnaround. Luckily, there are key pieces of equipment that are uniquely designed to handle your need for accuracy and provide a great way to increase productivity, all in a high-speed environment. If your manufacturing facility doesn’t have a spiral conveyor, you may want to consider investing in this invaluable tool. Here, we will look at a few of the most convenient aspects of owning a spiral conveyor, and a few of the most common scenarios in which they’ll benefit your business the most.

Why a spiral conveyor?

If you’re unfamiliar with a spiral conveyor’s design and use, begin by considering the structure itself. Every manufacturing plant or processing facility run by distributors within nearly every industry has key pieces of equipment for the hard work of pushing product. Conveyors are perhaps among the most common machines that come to mind. With a spiral conveyor system, however, the same work is accomplishing by a tall, mounted design variation which elevates the moving products in a circular, up and down direction. The same movement as a traditional conveyor belt is accomplished, but with the innovative vertical design, much like an elevator. Not only are these machines cost-efficient timesavers, but are also specifically used to save on valuable floor space (which equals crucial production space) within your manufacturing plant, ultimately increasing profit.

When do you need a spiral conveyor?

A spiral elevation machine is perfect for nearly every aspect of traditional product movement. With its elongated vertical construction, it’s truly the best way to pack higher volumes of product for shipment to your retailers. For example, let’s consider one popular current trend in manufacturing: dietary and health supplements. If you’ve wondered what you’ll need to start a supplement company, investing in a spiral conveyor would be a great place to start. With your own supplement company, your routine production may include varieties of vitamins, dietary capsules, protein powders, creatine, and other related health food products. Each one of those items takes up a an entire conveyor belt on a daily basis which, in turn, takes up ample floor space. With a spiral configuration, you can run multiple different product lines side-by-side, literally doubling or tripling your daily productivity and saving a lot of time in reaching your target customers.

Every successful supplement company not only manufactures the products themselves, but also labels the items with the help of a graphic designer, then bottles and packages the items before having to pack those items for shipping in bulk. Depending upon the spiral system you’re working with, each of these tasks can be moved along with faster turnaround time, while also running each unique product and manufacturing responsibility concurrently with one another.

What are other practical uses?


As an entrepreneur and supplier within the manufacturing industry, odds are that you own a facility or warehouse for your production line. Besides the practical applications of a spiral conveyor in production turnaround, the conveyor system itself can also be utilized for multi-level warehousing to your in-house shelves, pick module order picking, and for allocating the finished items to the pack and shipping area of your plant. This next step in the overall manufacturing and distribution process is often a tight squeeze at any facility. However, the spiral system is a unique space-saver, and the units can be configured into a logical alignment order for each of these crucial shipping steps.

It’s a good idea for any business owner in the manufacturing industry, specifically of a new company with a modernized business plan, to consider the multiple uses that such a state-of-the-art conveyor unit provides. The extra floor space not only allows for higher volumes of production, but also increases room for your actual team members to go about the needed tasks in terms of hands-on troubleshooting, as well as quality control. In effect, a spiral conveyor (or a small configuration of multiple systems) effortlessly cuts down on valuable floor space usage, provides faster turnaround time, and allows for the highest possible volume of product. No matter if your processing a minimum order quantity of a new product, or a favorite of your target audience in bulk, a spiral system can be the ultimate addition to your team.

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