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Chipping Away: The Fundamentals Behind “Drip Marketing”

There are countless tactics we can use to get the most out of our customers. From improving the products or improving our customer service methods so we can employ a more personal touch, but marketing is the real key to canvassing a wider area of our target customer base. There are many different styles of marketing, from transactional marketing, Call To Action (CTA) marketing, as well as the more common ones like email marketing. But have you heard of the term “drip marketing?” The concept behind drip marketing is essentially a way to send out marketing emails on a specific schedule.

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An email could go out just as soon as somebody signs up to your newsletter, and then maybe another email will go out a few days later. Or emails can be sent based on specific triggers or actions that the customer has performed, such as buying a product. So how can we make this an effective part of your marketing strategy?

When Should You Use Drip Marketing?

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The purpose of direct marketing is to get specific information to your target market and turn them into customers. You should use drip marketing as a way to gather leads, to welcome people to your business via your website or various other customer engagement approaches, such as if a customer is unsatisfied and will be unsubscribing to your email newsletter.

How Do You Set Up A Campaign?

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Mapping out a successful drip campaign isn’t that difficult. The ways you could form a basis for sending out drip emails could include identifying your target audience by breaking down the list of subscribers into different customer types and pinpointing the most lucrative customer types. For example, if a customer downloaded a trial version of your business’s app, you could send them instructional emails, or if someone signed up for your service some time ago but haven’t returned, you could send them an automated email to see if they need any help. There are many specialized marketing agencies that can help with email marketing strategies and can pep up your content. Marketing agencies can show you exactly what parts of your email appeal to customers, and what they specifically clicked on in the body of your email. So if you feel you are lagging behind in your campaign, it may be worth getting the professionals in.

When Should You Start Your Campaign?

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As soon as possible! Once the strategies in place you can start to send emails and to do this you could either create your own software to custom drip emails to customers or buy a product that can do it for you. A lot of standard CRM programs are able to do this for you, but there are great ones like Sendloop, Vero or Contactually that do the job. Once you have managed to successfully implement a campaign, now is the time to start measuring the results using UTM codes or URL parameters.

A drip marketing campaign can be very effective just as long as you don’t bombard the customer. And, as the name suggests, it is effective to market little and often. It’s much like you are chipping away at the customer’s psyche!

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