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Nightmares Got You Down? How to Deal with Troubled Sleep

They seem so real, even after you wake up. They don’t have to make sense to be terrifying. Even if you know as it’s happening that it must be a dream, it can be hard to shake off the sense of peril. The recurring ones can be especially bad, because it’s like your brain keeps going back to the same theme just to mess with you. You should welcome sleep, not dread it because of the nightmares that feel inevitable. In fact, if you’re dreading sleep, then your body may have a harder time relaxing in the first place.

Professional Help

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First of all, think about the last time you saw a doctor. Even if you’re all up to date on your tests and checkups, a good doctor will understand if you call and explain your trouble sleeping. It may be possible to order a sleep test covered by your insurance company. Such tests can diagnose sleep disorders like night terrors, narcolepsy, and snoring. It’s hard to treat a problem until you can name it, so talk to your doctor and see if they think a sleep test is a good option. If not, they’ll probably have other ideas for coping with nightmares and troubled sleep. And if they don’t, they can likely point you in the direction of someone who does.

The Sleeping Environment

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Then there’s the bedroom issue. A comfortable body can help a lot with a comfortable mind, and while it’s no guarantee, a relaxed mind can lead to less disturbing dreams. Do you have too many blankets or not enough? Are the sheets too scratchy and old? Is your room too quiet or too loud? All of those are good questions to ask. Don’t forget your pillow providing support for your head. It might sound a little silly, but your pillow is the closest thing to your brain each night. Something like a water pillow may be a better option for keeping your head and neck aligned properly as you sleep.

Don’t rule out your phone being a problem either. Those little bright screens can really mess with our heads and make it harder to relax. If at all possible, keep your phone somewhere from away from the bed. The other side of the room is fine. You just don’t want it to be right beside you, because then you’ll be tempted to play a game, or you’ll go online and look at the news, and frankly, looking at the news these days is enough to cause nightmares right there.

Be comfortable when you’re sleeping, too. Cool, breathable pajamas are important, especially if you’re one of those people who seem to have nightmares whenever they get too warm.

Other Options

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If you want to think outside of the box, and if spiritual rituals are comforting to you, consider looking into sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the idea that certain shapes have a sacred meaning, one that may promote feelings of balance and self-discovery. If you do some research and decide that idea appeals to you, look into purchasing sacred geometry jewelry to wear during the day. If you find that a certain piece of jewelry brings you comfort, you may even want to sleep in it (but be careful sleeping in necklaces, since waking up with the feeling that you’re being choked probably isn’t going to help with those nightmares).

Everywhere you go, you hear about the importance of sleep. It sets the tone for your whole day, and if you get behind on sleep, it’s very hard to “catch up” and feel like your normal self. A good night’s rest is possible even if you’re dealing with nightmares right now. Talk to your doctor and look at your bedroom for ways to improve the environment. Bad dreams are unfortunately common, but you shouldn’t have to deal with them every night. With some patience and perseverance, the saying, “Sweet dreams!” can be a reality instead of, well, a dream.

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