Ning Connects People To Celebrate US Independence Day Together!

To let new users build their online social world without borders, Ning is glad to introduce a 4th of July Special Offer.

Ning is working strenuously to regain its leading position on the market – thus, the company puts in a strong performance in this direction. To stay relevant, Ning team decided to bring all the people together to celebrate 4 of July at a grand scale. Being an American company, Ning is excited to double down on this occasion by launching a 4 of July Special Program.  

By offering all new users a discount for using Ning platform, Ning is ready to be more responsive to seasonal expectations of the newcomers. Ning’s 4th of July holiday deal is an advantageous way to get an edge in creating and managing online communities.

By participating in this program, people will be able to get a discount up to 25% for Basic and Performance subscriptions. New users across all locations can enjoy the discount price for 12 months from the purchase date. To benefit from this offer, they need to start their Trial period within July 3rd  – 9th. These beneficial terms are aimed to give new users a head start in achieving their goals.

The success of current network creators inspired Ning team to do everything to let newcomers expand their social horizons. Ning’s rich toolset is specifically designed to allow new users to socialize without limits. Ning executives believe that such large-handed offer is here to build a bridge between golden dream and real possibility. Ning’s offer is a real opportunity to start off on the right foot!

About Ning:

Ning is a provider of community builder solutions. The company stood at the origins of an idea of social networking (since 2005), with more than a decade-long history, and the impressive number of contented customers with 2+ million created communities. Operating on all platforms and devices, Ning provides the comprehensive control over a created network.

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