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Benefits of Going Green

The fruits of adapting a green philosophy is not only to benefit future generations to come but the entrepreneur can experience an improved revenue by leaving the world a better place. Both of these factors are crucial for any entrepreneur but especially for small business owners.

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How To Be More Environmentally Conscious

Two examples will be given that demonstrate the benefits of a company with a green initiative. We will then wrap-up with a look at the benefits to an individual participating in an environmentally friendly way of living.

Waste Management

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Awesome Technology behind the Green Revolution

What comes to your mind when you think of trash collection? Does an image of a large garbage truck, with a strong foul odor, and a man hanging off the back come to mind? Where they collect all forms of “trash” and toss it into the back?

What about all the small business owners, the ones who have a brick and mortar location. Out back there is probably a fence that encompasses the trash container. Hopefully, there is a separate container for cardboard (for our retail friends, we know how much cardboard comes in and out!).

Landfills are a topic that rarely comes up these days in the mainstream media. At one time, this was a topic of considerable concern. The problem, which encompasses many facets, remains. Landfills are filling up.

Commercial garbage pickup is changing for the better, as the shift is underway to empower customers with recycling and sustainable options for their waste. As waste management companies move towards the sustainable way of living, customers will be drawn to their environmentally friendly business model.


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Old City: Coffee and Cleanups at United By Blue

Brian Linton has his heart in the right place. It was during a period in 2010, when he realized that the money his company was donating to charity left a hole in his heart, that he reconsidered how to make a difference.

For Brian, it’s more about the physical action than the financial donation. The act of giving money is good, however, ensuring that the intended purpose is fulfilled is greater. So, Brian changed the name of his company to United By Blue for a fresh beginning.

This was not all. Under the new heading, every time a product is sold, the company promises to remove 1 pound of trash from an ocean or waterway. To date, they have hosted 197 cleanups and removed 1,025,802 pounds of trash across over half of the United States.

These efforts have not gone without notice, as retailers such as Nordstrom’s and Urban Outfitters have joined in the movement and proudly display and sell their products.

At Home

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Green Tech Innovations: Sustainable Living at its best

Why should I be concerned with all this “going green” talk? Is it necessary for someone like myself, who lives alone, to make these changes?

These are common questions that arise from those who have not had the experience of seeing the damage that occurs from careless consumers. Here is a sampling of reasons why sustainable living is worth the effort:

– Helps the climate

– Environmental change for the better

– Cost-savings over time

– In line with many religious and spiritual teachings

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Green Tech Innovations: Sustainable Living at its best

Regardless of your situation, the earth could use a helping hand. For the entrepreneurs, consider the win-win scenario of putting into place a sustainable practice. For everyone else, regardless of your current circumstances, know that every little bit of effort to make the earth a better place pays dividends that future generations will appreciate.

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