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5 Things to Look for in Your Next Commercial Building

Your business is important to you and you want it to do well. You might have thought about the cash flow problems, the time it takes to get your first paycheck and understand your market, but have you thought about where it’s all going to happen? Here are a few things to consider when looking for a commercial building to rent or buy.

Air Conditioning / Heating

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When looking for a new building, make sure the air conditioning and heating is working. Many older buildings will have older systems like swamp coolers and they might not even work. It’s important that your employees do not have to worry about extreme temperatures while they are at the office so that they can focus on work instead of how hot or cold it is. Your customers will also thank you for a reasonable temperature when they come into your office. It’s important to think about the heating, cooling system before you buy the building as some systems can cost around “$50,000” to install.

Offices / Work Area

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Depending on your business, you will probably want a different ratio of offices to open space. For example, in a company that specializes in sensitive information, you might want more enclosed office spaces to help your customers feel more at ease as they talk about their medical records or previous financial difficulties. The size of your space is very important, and you need not only be thinking about how your employees are going to fit in the space, but also how your equipment and customers are going to fit.


Almost every business will need the internet. When looking for a new building, try and determine what kind of internet experience you will have. Some buildings have older wiring which will make your internet connection a little slower. Some buildings have fiber optic cable that will make buffering and dropped emails a thing of the past.


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Storage is important in any business, whether you need a way to store your previous financial records or the inventory that you haven’t sold yet, you’ll want them out of the way. Try and keep your storage needs in mind so that you are prepared for these situations and do not end up renting a storage locker or having to investigate buying or renting another building.


It’s important that there is enough parking for your customers. If your customers cannot get to your business without paying some cash to find a parking spot, chances are they are not going to want to be your customer. If you are in the city, it might be beneficial to favor a building that is closer to public transit spots such as a bus or train stop.

Air conditioning, heating, office to work area ratio, internet, storage, and parking are all things you should consider when looking into renting or buying your next commercial building. Make sure that when you look you use realtors or professional construction companies. If you are looking for a business with experience in a variety of facilities, check for your local construction companies and they might be able to help you.

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