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The Underdogs Who Defied The Odds [Infographic]

Whenever you watch a movie, whether it be about love, war, or competition – do you ever find yourself rooting for the underdog? Of course you do, it’s because us humans are hard wired to empathize with the side that isn’t so likely to pull through in the end. We crave a sense of justice, and want to see it done in anything that we see taking place. Looking through history there are many examples of this, and when brushing up on our history we generally tend to lean towards the stories where the underdog prevails!

Why Do We Root For The Underdog?

Why We Root for the Underdog

While this is a deeper question than one might think, involving patterns and behavior and human nature – the above link might shed some light on the subject matter. What is painfully clear though is that we do get quite a kick out of seeing the “good guy” overcome hardship against the odds.

Since we get such a thrill from taking the moral high ground and rooting for the losing team, here are some great examples of underdogs defying the odds to come out on top, delivered to you via a beautifully designed infographic! (Because we know you love those too!) Enjoy this and remember these stories anytime you feel like you are an underdog who needs a little boost to get through!

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