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The 3 Ts That Will Make You A Winner At The Workplace

Workplace relationships come in many different shapes and sizes, and it’s an essential component to pushing forward as a company and entity, or as a collection of people. Whether you are the antisocial type that just wants to get on with your day, or you are the line manager that is trying to be a great boss and get along with your employees, there are simple things you can do to help make a positive relationship during your working day.


Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

It’s all about the attitude and temperament you exude. So if you are putting out a friendly attitude, nine times out of ten you are likely to get a decent response in return. Something as simple as a quick “hello” and a smile will go a long way. If walking into a meeting, starting a simple conversation by asking “how is everybody today?” or “what did you get up to last night?” even though they are very simple questions, it says a lot about you in the fact that you are trying to get to know people better. You don’t need to be the outgoing, sociable type constantly smiling. Sometimes a simple question or starting a small conversation is a very good bridge builder. The reason people can be reticent in conversation is because we do not feel comfortable with those people that we don’t know. We’ve all encountered that type of person who does not stop talking or is an incredibly grating personality, so this doesn’t mean that you need to be that type of person. Either just remember that building relationships takes time, so by starting small with simple questions is a very good start. Sometimes the small things mean the most, and so if you are a boss providing small touches such as giving them personalized business stationery or by offering an open door policy, these are things that will show that you care about your employees.


10 Ways Effective Leaders Build Trust

Establishing trust is another key aspect of developing relationships in the workplace. As they say, honesty is the best policy, so in a workplace environment where people may choose to share personal information, then being confidential is a notable personality trait, especially where gossiping is concerned, which can be rife in the office environment. Honesty is always the best policy. Sometimes telling the truth is incredibly difficult, especially if we are going through training. For example, it can be awkward to admit that you are doing something you don’t understand, so explain this, as it saves incredible amount of time on both sides, as you will get to the point quicker and they will understand your predicament so they can alter their teaching methods, or find other ways to help you.


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Teamwork is the crux of any relationship in the workplace. We all need to figure out ways in which to work together in order to progress as one entity. And by establishing good working relationships helps teamwork to be a more natural and organic process. For example, when working on a project, understanding your team coworkers, you can help to utilize the right people for the right part of the project. Also, celebrate the diversity of a group of people with different strengths, weaknesses, and opinions! It is better to harness these skills for the good of the team.

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