Click Here: Tips For A Great Link Building Campaign

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Backlinks may only be one little part of Google’s massive and increasingly complex algorithm. However, they’re still a very important thing to think about if you’re trying to execute a successful SEO campaign. As you may be discovering, getting valuable backlinks using ethical, white-hat techniques is a real challenge. Here are some of our best tips on getting high-quality backlinks.

Review your Background

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When you first set out trying to obtain great backlinks, the first order of business should be taking some time to look at your site’s current backlink profile. There are a wide range of free and paid tools such as PosiRank which you can use to do this depending on your unique needs. If you use something with limited features, for example, you’ll need to create your own spreadsheet to record your domain’s link profile. How many links do you have? What kind of sites are they from? What’s the average quality of them? What kind of content is attracting the most links, and can you leverage this? By getting a keen understanding of your current link profile, you’ll be in a much better position for formulating a dependable strategy.

Organise your Best Posts and Keywords

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A big part of executing a good link building campaign is giving websites a reason to link into the posts on your own site. This means keeping your content as relevant, unique and engaging as possible, and using the strength of it to found a backdrop for all your inbound marketing. Set some time aside for going through your site and writing out a list of your content that gets the most readers, and then the keywords and phrases that have proven to be the best for traffic. This, in turn, can be used as a platform for your future backlinking efforts. Of course, milking these kinds of posts and keywords for all they have can means you have to take a pretty considerable shift in the tone of your marketing materials. However, this is necessary if you want to make any real progress with your link building!

Find Websites You’d Want to Link to your Site and Start Pitching

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Through guest posts, you’ll have a great platform for adding natural backlinks to your landing pages from a massive range of sites. The process is simple on the surface; you pitch a particular topic to the webmaster or equivalent higher-up at the site. If they happen to like it, you then write the post, submit it, and it gets published. In exchange for the free content, the webmaster then gives you a link to your site. If you’ve tried this before, then you may find that it’s a little harder than you expected to get a pitch accepted. This is partly due to the sheer popularity of link building. Webmasters are constantly getting bombarded by mediocre pitches, so it’s essential to come up with content that will really catch their eye. Hire a freelance copywriter, or simply pace yourself enough to come up with unique, engaging features.

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