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10 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Presentation Skills


Communication is the basis of any society. It allows us to connect, influence, and motivate. In the world of the Internet, e-mail messages, notes, and newsletters most business people focus on writing and, as a result, they neglect to master their communication and public speaking skills (presentations).

As you know, communication is a powerful business tool. An efficient communication can inspire, motivate, convince, impress or settle any conflict. In addition, nowadays, customers are becoming more demanding and receptive to any service they receive. All these factors increase the need to improve your communication skills, in particular, to establish a long-term relationship with customers. Establishing a long-term relationship with potential customers, attracting new customers will increase both the level of sales of the company and the popularity of the company on the market. Unfortunately, today, not every manager can boast of good communication skills.

It is not a rear case when you have to give a presentation, and your mouth is dry and your heart is racing. Fear of public speaking – or glossophobia – is considered to be one of the most common phobias and it affects about 75% of the world population. You may have an absolutely safe situation, encouraging and supportive friends around but you are still nervous to share any information in front of a room.

When you are a student of a school or college, it is easy to sit in the back of the classroom and avoid any public speaking situations. But being an adult and building a successful career, public speaking is a very important skill to have and improve. It is all about everyday communication between colleagues, management and employees, sales specialists and clients, and etc. It has an enormous impact on your career and your level of success in your industry. Businessmen are ruining their careers, being afraid to speak at meetings, authors of brilliant ideas hold their thoughts, instead of making them public.

Psychologists say that there are no people, who are not capable of getting a public speaking skill. The main reason for the failures of public speaking is a fear that must be overcome. Arvee Robinson once said, “Fear the fear of public speaking and do it anyway.”

10 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Presentation Skills

Public speaking is an art, which is aimed to an effective communication. And its essence is that every word you say should become a powerful tool on the way to achieving your goal.

Let’s go through the main reasons why you should improve your presentation skills.

1. Сonquer a fear.

When we overcome our fears, we feel so happy, alive, and free. Everyone dreams to be a fearless public speaker. Isn’t it cool to stay on the stage and present your ideas, make perfect jokes, enrapture your audience with convincing stories, answer any questions with ease, and finally get applause and support? Be prepared, generous, positive, and you are no longer the one who fears public speaking!

2. Inform.

To inform your audience is one of the key aspects of public speaking. The task of informational speech is to share facts, events, thoughts, and conclusions, and give a new knowledge. Whether you are presenting your research works and PowerPoint presentations in a college, or share your ideas with your management team at work, informative speaking is a crucial element of a successful career in any industry. This helps to enhance your listeners’ understanding and makes them remember your speech long after you finished.

3. Motivate and inspire people.

Being a good public speaker, you inspire, motivate, persuade and support your audience. You encourage people to do something or stop doing something, take certain actions and achieve the goals.

As an example, elections have been won simply because one candidate had better public speaking skills than the other. Elicit passion in your audience to make a move.

4. Get new opportunities.

Presenting in the front of a room makes you visible, makes you an expert. You are mastering your skill of persuasion and the ability to win over the crowd every time you are giving a speech. Make sure you are using a strong enough, convincing and inspiring language to elicit your group’s curiosity and attract new opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

5. Build your self-confidence.

Confidence comes from within and nobody is able to help you here. You will not boost your self-confidence if you do not take action. At first, you will feel uncomfortable a couple of times but this experience will make you feel more comfortable in the same situation forever after. Be expressive with your thoughts and emotions, and practice more to improve your performance.

6. Expert a topic.

Sure thing, it is imperative to be an expert in a topic you are presenting but it is also true that while we teach, we learn. Not just your audience learns, you also dig into the topic deeper while sharing it with someone. Challenge yourself to teach others and your learning process will be much more focused and practical.

7. Strengthen your own empathy.

Mastering your presentations skills will help you to read and understand an audience you are presenting for. You will increase your emotional intelligence and your ability to understand and impact other people. It is a trait that needs to be taught and practiced more and more and as it is very important in everyday communication and business career.

8. Eloquence.

Eloquence is a mark of open-mindedness, intelligence, and high culture. It will not be difficult to give a toast at any friends’ event or say a speech off the cuff to wish a happy birthday. To speak easily and brightly, dazzling your listeners, – from now on this valuable skill will not be something unobtainable.

9. Boost your sales.

Master your public speaking skills to generate more sales for your company and take your business to a new level. The way you represent yourself at any event or a job interview will be decisive whether you will make new contacts and potential sales or not.

10. Make a difference in your life.

Public speaking skills allow you to grow in leadership and influence. Once you are able to influence people’s thoughts, you are in position to create positive changes in people’s lives. It is one of the most powerful tools to get your idea across and make a difference.

Talking about presentations, we cannot fail to mention PowerPoint as a very useful tool for showing graphs or visual aids to complement important message you want to deliver to your listeners.

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Communication skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Practice and get comfortable with public speaking as it is a powerful tool to increase your reputation, status, position, influence, wealth, and many other benefits. Improve your presentation skills to become a more worthy candidate to move up and succeed on your speaking journey!

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