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Business Marketing: How Hair Salon Ads Can Help Increase Customers

Hair salons are popular businesses across the world, and the number of new hair salons emerging is on the rise. If you got one, advertising your hair salon, whether through online or traditional methods, is of the utmost importance for keeping close existing customers and gaining new ones.

Since the competition is quite tough, to stand out is essential. Therefore, business owners in this specific niche put up hair salon websites in order to reach more customers. In addition to that, they also make use of other marketing methods, such as ads, to further increase the number of their clients.

There are many ways to take advantage of ads for the success of your hair salon business, and you don’t need to be an expert marketer to know how to implement these to secure a consistent influx of customers.

Here are some types of hair salon ads and the ways these can help increase customers:

1. Become More Digitally Visible With Social Media Ads

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It’s common knowledge that businesses today can significantly benefit from utilizing social media platforms to promote their brands. As a hair salon owner, you should work more on salon marketing if you wish to be more competitive and get more clients.

Facebook and Instagram ads are among the most used social media advertising methods today as these two have the most significant number of active users. Therefore, it’s essential to start advertising your hair salon through these two platforms.

That way, your salon will become more digitally visible, and exploiting this visibility further by engaging your newly formed audience with fantastic content will result in a positive, profitable outcome. Also, it will allow potential customers to learn more about your salon, as well as the services and benefits you offer.

Additionally, make sure to have a “booking service” option available on these ads to serve as a call-to-action.

2. Generate Interest With Video Ads

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One picture may be able to speak a thousand words, but videos can say so much more. Providing your potential clients with video content will help you gain more bookings. Humans are known to be incredibly visual-driven creatures, thus people prefer watching instructional and informative videos rather than looking at pictures or reading walls of text.

You may even consider starting a YouTube channel for your business where you can upload videos to inform your followers about all the details they should know about your salon.

Creating fantastic video content for your potential customers and followers will keep them engaged and interested in your salon’s offerings. Additionally, posting videos of your salon interior will give your existing and potential customers a glimpse of the ambience of your establishment. Once they get the feel of its allure and homeliness, plus the warmth of your staff as shown in their smiles, there’s a higher chance for these people to sprint straight into your salon. Always remember that people pay a lot of attention to both exterior and interior appeal, cleanliness, originality, and other related factors.

3. Personally Connect With Your Clients Via Email Ads

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Promoting your hair salon via email is essential. Over the recent years, people have always preferred communicating through email over any other means. Therefore, email advertising can be of significant help if you’re trying to gain more new customers.

It’s incredibly important to advertise that your salon is open on holidays, weekends, etc via email. By doing so, you’ll let your followers know that they can count on your services even when many of your competitors aren’t up and running, which gives your salon quite an advantage.

It would help if you consider that most of your clients are employed people who usually work during the standard business hours, thus they may not be able to visit your salon during the day. That’s why your emails must contain all necessary details and information, but these should also have a CTA button so people can book an appointment straight from their email inbox.

4. Let Your Brand Be Heard Through Podcast/Radio Ads

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Make sure to advertise your salon on popular podcasts or even radio stations. And, to successfully catch the attention of listeners and turn these people into clients, your ads must be appealing enough to their ears.

Promoting your salon’s services through radio ads always requires that you spice them up a little bit more than usual. And, for you to be able to do so, you must offer discounts and various benefits along with these ads. That way, you’ll attract more people to come and visit your salon. Remember that giveaways and price cuts have always been an excellent means to attract potential clients.

5. Reach More Clients Through Print Ads

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Advertising in magazines, newspapers, and other printed publications is another excellent method to put your hair salon out in the market. By doing this, there is a high chance that a percentage, though how little that may be, of their avid followers may be attracted to your hair salon’s offerings, which could absolutely help increase your salon’s customer base.

Ideally, you should also reach out to beauty bloggers, writers, and editors for both online and printed editions of various publications. Coming up with a stunning and effective strategy of promoting your hair salon through these media shouldn’t be a complicated thing to do. Create an appealing offer and advertise your brand the catchiest way you can!  Most importantly, don’t forget to provide the readers with discount coupons.


Using various advertising methods to promote your hair salon will help you achieve your goal of having more new customers. You may reach out through printed publications, such as newspapers and magazines, podcasts and radio stations, as well as through various social media platforms that are usually free for you to use. You can engage prospective customers through stunning video content, and you may also opt to connect more personally with existing and new clients through email. Of course, don’t forget to make your ads as catchy as possible and to offer discounts and other exciting promos together with these ads.

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