3 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Business’s Reputation

If you’re a fan of early ‘80s rock music, then you know Joan Jett could care less about her bad reputation. However, unlike Ms. Jett, business owners should care a great deal about their company’s standing online. That’s because the way your operation is perceived –– particularly across digital platforms –– can have a massive effect on your business’s long-term sustainability. Indeed, if you currently don’t prioritize building a positive brand, you could unknowingly make any of these three mistakes that will wreck your company’s reputation and put your sales team behind the eight-ball. Fortunately, by learning about these missteps here you can work to avoid them in the future:

Not Following Up

Reputation and Its Risks

Most businesses have some presence on at least one social-media channel. Social media can provide a marketing team with a number of opportunities to engage with potential leads. Though, it also presents a set of unique challenges. It’s not enough, for instance, to merely connect with a lead once and then forget about them afterward. People love it when a business goes the extra mile to offer resources or, at the very least, reaches out to touch base. Conversely, there’s nothing more frustrating than when a company goes radio silent on social media. Not answering your followers’ questions and failing to address their concerns will tarnish your good name in a flash.

Phoning in Content

How To Make Less Mediocre Content

As any professional worth their salt will tell you, content is vital to developing a marketing campaign. Content is great for a website’s SEO, and it can also serve as a fantastic means to attract interest from leads. Still, the quality of content is generally more important than the quantity you produce. Yes, having more content might improve your online visibility a little, but that content has to be valuable as well. Blogs, videos, and posts that don’t supply your audience with a resource of some kind won’t help your brand or website develop. In fact, writing tons of mediocre content won’t improve your reputation –– it’ll make you look unprofessional instead.

Logistical Errors

This Ice Cream Retailer Figured Out How to Turn a Logistical Nightmare Into a Stellar Brand Experience

Making a sale is wonderful –– provided your company has the internal processes to deliver on your sales team’s promises. One of the fastest ways to lose your customers’ loyalty and faith is to mess up their orders. And even if you correct the mistakes after the fact, most of the time it will be too late to restore trust in your company. If your business has struggled with managing deliveries and shipments in the past, consider reaching out to a third party logistics company. Otherwise, you’ll probably see a substantial decrease in the number of orders you get in the first place!

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