Establishing Your Brand in the Online Marketplace

A decade or so ago, starting up your own small business would generally entail renting out a commercial space and providing products and services to customers on a face to face basis. However, there have been some significant changes to the marketplace since then. Improvements in technology and easier access to computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices has resulted in the relatively unanticipated success of E-commerce. Generally speaking, you can find anything you want by browsing the online marketplace and can have it delivered to you quickly at the click of a button.

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It’s not all too surprising that many consumers are completely ditching brick and mortar retail in favour of the virtual. One downfall of this is that pretty much every business has a website and thus the market is saturated with options. How can you possibly make your small business stand out from the hundreds of thousands of other competitor websites that are bound to be out there? Well, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started in the right direction.

Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO stands for “search engine optimisation” and is a commonly employed business practice which revolves around getting as many search engine users to visit your webpage as possible. So, why the focus on search engine users? Well, just think about it. Pretty much everyone is a search engine user. When consumers want a certain item or are trying to find a brand that will provide them with what they want or need, they make use of search engines and generally limit their search to results that appear on the first page.

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When’s the last time you ever went beyond a search engine’s first or second page when looking for anything? Probably a very long time ago, if ever. You really do need your website to feature as highly as possible to stand out from competitors in the crowd. The best way to achieve this is to collaborate with an SEO specialist. These professionals have the know-how to boost your brand to the top. Opt for companies such as Zimamedia, as they can show you exactly how effective their work is at directing traffic through your site. By using, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth from your campaign.


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Remember that you don’t have to purely use websites to establish your brand. You can use a whole host of apps too. Perhaps the most useful app for businesses nowadays is Instagram. This simple photo and video sharing app allows individuals to document their lives online and share their goings-on with the world at large, so it’s not all too surprising that it is often overlooked on a professional level. However, it holds profound potential for businesses too. You should start out by setting up a business page for your brand on Instagram. This gives you a space in which you can display your products and wares.

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By posting photos of a similar aesthetic in your feed, you can easily establish a brand image and start to draw attention from other Instagram users who identify with said aesthetic and want to associate themselves with it. While it may be a relatively slow process when you’re starting up (everyone starts out with 0 followers and minimal likes), you can slowly amass a following which could eventually reach into the thousands, tens of thousands, or even more. You can also use Instagram for direct advertising. Your first option is to purchase advertising space from Instagram directly.

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You will supply them with an image, a caption, and a link to your page. Then they will do the work of spreading it through other users’ timelines. This means that whether individuals follow you or not, you can expose them to your posts and products and give them an easy way of reaching your page. A second option is to collaborate with social media influencers. These people will have astounding numbers of followers and can post recommendations for your products. Their followers are likely to then look further into the product and purchase it themselves. Different individuals will set different prices for advertising products on your behalf, but generally speaking it is worth the investment.

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These are just two different techniques that you can try out in order to establish your brand as a serious competitor in the online marketplace. Not only will you boost brand exposure and awareness, but you can direct increasing amounts of traffic directly to your website, making more sales and generating more profit.

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