The Potential Of ‘Social Media Snowballing’

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It’s not hard to see that social media dictates a large part of the public’s access to marketing, promotion, filtering interests and endorsements. Social media shows us a perfected world, a world of ideas, or a world of new information. For example, you might in one moment learn about the plight of farmers in Papa New Guinea via the National Geographic Instagram page, and with one swipe down of your finger see your favorite athlete endorsing a new range of protein powder. Luckily you can curate this as a user of the platform, and decide what you see. However, there are organic methods of being introduced to new content, and this is where the business, social media personality, growing influencer or artist can take advantage.

Social media snowballing is a real thing. The more attention you gain, the more your exponential chance of gaining more attention will grow. This can help you reach quite a massive audience, but only if you’re ready to curate your posts to the point where it could work.

Here are some tips to help you take advantage of social media snowballing:


What’s the Value of a Like?

When someone likes your post or your page, it will notify their entire followers or friends list that they have done so. This means that your name spreads exponentially. Now, a person may only follow you once, but they might like many of your posts. This means that focusing on these elusive ‘likes’ should be your first priority. For ease of use, consider purchasing automatic instagram likes. Furthermore, engage with and post a style of content that people are not afraid to have shown in their activity list.

This might mean producing inspirational, educational or funny content. You might have noticed competitions run on social media, and all you must do to enter is like and share the post. Offering free items like this to spread your presence can help you not only gain exposure to the people interested into your competition but to meet the eyes of all of the friends and follower lists of the people in question.


The 2018 Instagram Hashtag Guide—How to Use Them and Get Results

Hashtags, used in almost all modern social media websites, are here to help you connect with people. They might frame a discussion, as people using the same hashtag can see other posts using that in kind. The best part? Often you can use as many hashtags as you are allowed characters in your post. It might seem shameless, but it’s quite common to see people posting upwards of forty hashtags in each post, to appeal to many communities at once. You might notice people posting various versions of the same thing, such as #food, #foodie, #weekendfood, #barfood, #breakfastinbed and many others like it. This helps you hit a targeted community from many different angles, increasing your exposure and heightening your staying power online. The likes you generate from this will then feed to friends lists as mentioned before, and the cycle continues.

For more, consider this handy guide for businesses using social media. To snowball your effect will take diligence, but it is more than achievable. Before long you will gain plenty of excellent and free exposure, something that would make the best marketing executive of the seventies seeth with jealousy.

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