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5+ Great New Apps For Killing Time In 2018

It’s that time again, it’s a new year, new doctors appointment, or shopping trip – and you’ve found yourself in a corner with some wifi (aka paradise). Gasp, you haven’t downloaded a new game or app in a while, and the ones you’ve already downloaded have worn out their welcome.

Time for a fresh start.

Today we are going to uncover some of the latest apps that can keep you busy just long enough to keep your sanity in any occasion!

Fortnite Mobile


If you haven’t heard of Fortnite you surely are under a rock. This game has turned the eSports world upside down and everyone’s eyes are collectively on it right now. Do yourself a favor a download this fort building 3rd person shooter so you can die a few times before your play time is up (because you will die, it’s hard – that’s why it’s fun). While the game sadly isn’t on android yet, you can still enjoy it right now if you have iOS. If you aren’t a fan of Fortnite’s brand of “Battle Royale” or you are on Android and can’t wait – you can always grab the competitor that started the craze, PUBG! The craze isn’t dying anytime soon, these games are just as popular as they were when they got on the scene.

Monument Valley 2


Yes, they’ve made another one. As a fan of the first one – more Monument Valley can never be a bad thing. You’ll fall in love with the whimsy and art direction of this beautiful puzzle solving game. Relax, and have an adventure – and when you are done go play the first one if you haven’t already!

Valkyrie Profile

Not a free title but a gem from the original Playstation days – this classic RPG was published by Square Enix back in 1999. Deviating from the standard top-down exploration, this title features unique (at the time) 2D platforming gameplay. If you’ve got some credits and some free time dive into this beautiful game – otherwise maybe fire up an emulator and give it a try!

Casino Games


With all of the modern conveniences of tech, and our advanced physics games and 3D Grpahics – nothing will ever replace the charm of simple card games like blackjack, Texas hold’em and poker. So for those people who like old school entertainment, this one is for you. Sometimes you just need a nice card game that actually WORKS without INTERNET when you are away from your computer and can’t play the new Yggrasil Roulette and Blackjack casino games like the ones you see in Vegas. Chase the thrill of the win on the go with the games featured in the link above by Android Authority.

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

If you are a fan of the hit series Tokyo Ghoul – or an Anime fan looking for some mobile entertainment, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is your ticket. Fans of the series will enjoy this mobile adaption of the series, which takes you through some parts of the anime in an action RPG (ARPG) style environment. Anime-style visuals and plenty of eye candy to keep you busy. A good chunk of the game is single player campaign content, but competitive players will be pleasantly surprised that it also includes PvP battles and events that you can participated in if you want a little bit of multiplayer action from time to time (make sure not to stray far from your wifi!).


If you need a fix to fill the survival horror void deep inside of you left by games like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Slender – then this one is for you. Give yourself a little scare on the go with the truly frightening and creepy Granny. Whatever you do, don’t let her catch you. My kids love this stuff, so chances are you will too if you are a kid looking to get scared ;).

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