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Why Engineering Should Be On Your Career Radar

If you are looking for a career change or you are in the fortunate position of choosing your field of study for future work, engineering may not have been one of your first considerations. Investment banking, law, medicine, and information technology have been the traditional high salaried route for many graduates. However, you should not overlook engineering. This sector is becoming more exciting to work in as technological advancements have emerged to make methods of working more efficient and more technically challenging. Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the engineering realm, but the recent promotion of STEM subjects for young female school leavers has boosted interest in all fields of engineering from civil to aeronautical. Take a look at why engineering should be on your career radar.

Manufacturing Roles

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The sphere of manufacturing is seeing a resurgence since the consumer craving for homegrown products has emerged. People are now more willing to pay for a premium product made in their home nation, so companies are returning their factories to the Western hemisphere. Engineers can use their skills to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process making it more convenient, speedier and cost effective. You may find yourself looking into a static frequency converter rental and purchase to hone the voltage of an AC motor or two. Perhaps you’ll use WiFi capabilities to make the production line less susceptible to human error. While manufacturing might not have the glamor of aeronautical engineering, it still pays well, and the industry is booming.

Automotive Engineers

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For those men and women who adore nothing more than getting behind a wheel, why not consider a career surrounded by roaring engines, torque, and horsepower. As a specialist automotive engineer, you could find yourself working on the latest hybrid cars and perfecting the most advanced electronics to create the most energy efficient motor on the market. Or you might find yourself working behind the scenes on components to make the car that you are working on faster, capable of more acceleration or with better safety features. This role could see you working at the cutting edge of research for a Formula 1 team or testing the latest concept cars for a lucrative startup.

Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineer Interview | Chemical Engineering Job Market | Chemical Engineering Careers Life

For those individuals who think engineering is all maths, they should consider the world of chemical engineering. Here, you can explore your love of science. Using your knowledge of chemical reactions and processes, your job will be to develop a huge range of products from fuels to medical substances. You could find yourself working for the lucrative oil industry or in the more philanthropic charity sector. Wearing a white coat and goggles, you can whip out the bunsen burner and experiment with a variety of chemical processes to produce the most cost effective and safe product that you can.

Venture into the world of STEM subjects and explore the sorts of engineering careers on offer. Forget becoming a lawyer, a doctor or a financial whizz, engineering can be one of the most exciting sectors to work in.

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