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Unlimited Power: Strange Fuels Which Keep Your Tech Running

In recent years, loads of new ways to keep the world fueled have started to emerge. With shortages of certain materials imminent, loads of companies in this industry are fighting to find new ways to keep the world’s devices online. As time goes on, this field is broadening, and this is going to have a huge impact on the world of tech over the next few years. Of course, though, which weird fuels are being used the most? This post will be exploring this tricky industry to give you an idea of the world’s need for energy.

Palm Oil:

The real palm oil problem: it’s not just in your food

In some cases, palm oil is seen as a negative thing, as it is the key cause of a lot of the world’s deforestation. Replacing leveled areas with this plant is much more lucrative than trying to grow more trees. Of course, though, this isn’t always the case, as this resource can be farmed in a responsible way, too.

Animal Fats:

Fat’s Chance as a Renewable Diesel Fuel

As a byproduct of the meat industry, fat is one of the most prevalent forms of fuel in the modern world. Providing a cheap way to keep a generator running, this sort of resource is able to have an impact on global energy prices when a lot of it hits the market, and this makes it a promising option for the future of weird fuels. This will only become a challenge if people decide to stop eating meat.

Plant Waste:

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Being made from organic materials, most plants are very flammable when they have been left to dry. Palm oil husks, coconut shells, and all manner of other plant waste is being used to help keep countries lit at night, and they aren’t likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. This helps to control the waste being produced while also putting it to work doing the only thing it is useful for.


Is wood a green source of energy? Scientists are divided

Fuel which is made from wood comes in loads of different forms; not just the logs you put on your fire. With some examples being incredibly sappy and oily, there could be a huge amount of money left untapped when it comes to waste trees. You’ll find pellets, bricks, logs, and all sorts of other formats for this sort of product.

Renewable Sources:

Top 10 Renewable Energy Sources

Of course, it’s hard to talk about modern fuels without touching on the renewable options out there. Loads of new technology has been developed over the last couple of decades, enabling companies to make huge amounts of fuel out of simply things like wind, sunshine, and water currents. Hopefully, this will become the go-to option over the next few years, replacing options which have to be burned.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling well versed in the fuels being used to keep your devices online. Every country has its own way of providing this resource to its inhabitants. Some will prefer older methods, while others will want to become sustainable as soon as possible, and this creates a mixed bag of different energy sources.

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