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These are the 4 Best Online Brokerage Platforms for Investors

Investing in stocks, real estate, or anything else is now easier than ever before. Click here to check out the best online brokerage platforms today.

If you’re a beginner investor, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Sure, you’re keen to start trading in order to grab a slice of that $30 trillion pie, but how do you even get started?

Fortunately, it has never been easier to start investing and trading, thanks to the proliferation of online brokerage. Whether you’re a janitor or a professor, you can now trade stocks in the same exact way that a Wall Street broker does, simply by using your smartphone.

Of course, the best brokerage firms are more than just a platform to trade shares on. They should serve as an analyst, teacher, and advisor. If you’re looking to get started as an investor, here are the best online brokerage platforms in 2019.

The Best Online Brokerage Platform for Beginners: TastyWorks

Best Online Brokers of 2019

If you want to know which is truly the best trading platform, defer to the experts.

The financial whizzkids over at investormint reckon it’s TastyWorks, a relatively new platform that has been launched in collaboration with some of the brightest minds on Wall Street.

Commissions are super-low, whilst the amount of information and resources available can make sense of trading to even the most financially illiterate beginner.

M1 Finance

These are the 4 Best Online Brokerage Platforms for Investors 7
The Tech That’s Making Investment Easy

This hugely popular smartphone app has been praised as the best stock trading platform from all quarters since it launched a few years back.

You can use it for free and it’s an ideal way to build up a diverse portfolio if you’re starting from scratch.

All you actually need to do is invest, then M1 does the rest of the work for you, keeping you updated every step of the way.


These are the 4 Best Online Brokerage Platforms for Investors 4
Best Investments For The Business Savvy

Sometimes you stumble across a service that genuinely seems too good to be true. Robinhood is one of these that actually happens to be just as good as it sounds. The premise is simple; unlimited free stock trades forever, no matter who you are.

While it doesn’t offer anything close to the number of stocks and options that some of the best brokerage firms elsewhere do, this really is something special.

You even get free access to cryptocurrency trading when you first apply, another thing that makes Robinhood so special. The platform itself is strictly no-frills, but when you’re literally paying nothing you can’t really complain.

Interactive Brokers

These are the 4 Best Online Brokerage Platforms for Investors 1

If you’re an aspiring international trader who is looking at developments beyond the US market, then this is one of the best brokerage accounts for you.

Interactive Brokers has a somewhat complex pricing model, where you actually pay by trading volume rather than per share. This works out for international traders as it is used to offset international trading fees.

The platform offers access to some of the biggest and most diverse exchanges in the world, including London, Hong Kong, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Brussels, and Frankfurt. This one is strictly for global traders.

Learn More

These are the 4 Best Online Brokerage Platforms for Investors 6
Investopedia’s 2019 Best Online Brokers Awards

Being able to make rock-solid investment decisions isn’t something that happens overnight. If you want guidance beyond which is the best online brokerage to pick, then make sure to follow our business tips section for all of the investment advice you’ll ever need.

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