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Psychology Research Topics – Ideas for Your Paper

While it may seem that a research paper requires a creative approach, in fact, it is focused on scientific writing more. Students need to conduct research to fill in their literature review part and to create a methodology section. Additionally, students need to use theoretical concepts and research methods to create a research paper in psychology successfully. 

However, before proceeding to the content part students need to choose a topic. While choosing a topic may seem the easiest step in writing a psychology research paper, in fact, it is not true. Students often struggle to make decisions among a wide variety of topics and subfields. If you are in the same trouble now you can use the useful list provided by the Dissertation Team “200+ Psychology Research Topics for Your Paper” which is the website that can also write a research paper or dissertation in psychology for you.

How to Choose Psychology Research Topics

50+ Research Topics for Psychology Papers

The most important criterion for choosing a topic is that it should be relevant to the psychology field. To make sure that the topic is relevant you need to conduct preliminary research. It implies the following: 

  • Reviewing current trends in psychology and popular research studies 
  • Finding the information in the material provided by your professor 
  • Scrolling the internet to find current non-solved issues in psychology 
  • This way you will be able to learn what topics are relevant and would be highly appreciated by your professor.

Additionally, you should remember that you would necessarily need to wait until your professor approves that topic. You need to submit your research question to the professor and ask whether they consider it relevant and allow you to use it for your research paper.

Get Ready to Choose Psychology Topics to Research

You should realize that the difficulty of writing a research paper directly depends on the availability of the literature on this topic. You simply would not be able to write a psychology research paper if the topic of your choice had not been investigated by anyone before. When writing a research paper the students should necessarily create a literature review. You can learn more about what is a literature review and how to write it here

Importance of Literature Review 

In your literature review, you would need to gather the relevant studies that have been conducted regarding that topic. You would need to use the findings of the authors who conducted the research and tell how effective their research was on the topic. You would necessarily need this information to investigate the topic further. There are two options for how you can use the research of other authors for your research paper: 

  • You can highlight the existing gaps in the literature as research regarding the specific topic and outline the ways your research paper will fill them. 
  • You can contribute your research to those that exist in findings and make the research issue even more understandable for the scientific society.

Therefore, you need to make sure that there is enough literature in online or real libraries. 

Conduct a Pre-Research for Psychology Research Paper Topics

As we have already mentioned you should necessarily be sure that there is enough literature for you to conduct a literature review and use it for your research paper. Therefore, we will provide you with useful advice on how to conduct literature research to make sure that this topic will be easy for you to develop.

  • Choose a library: Firstly you need to choose an online library that you would use to research the available literature. You can simply use Google Scholar which combines scholarly articles, books and other sources of information. This would allow you to quickly review all the available literature. 
  • Enter keywords: to conduct research effectively you need to use the keywords which are relevant to your research question. For example, if your research question is “how the use of the Internet affects the development of children”, you should answer such keywords as “Internet and children development”, “How the Internet affects children’s development”, “Effect of the Internet on development and brain”
  • Use filters: usually, the professors request to use the relevant and new literature sources. Therefore you need to outline the minimum year of publication for the sources. For example, if your professor has asked you to use the sources which have been published no more than 10 years ago you should put a filter of minimum 2014 year. This way you would be able to see all the relevant sources. Otherwise, you will need to sort tons of literature that could have been published 30 or even 40 years ago. 
  • Review the number of sources: after the filters have been applied and the keywords have been entered you need to see how many results the search engine provides. If you see that there are at least five relevant literature sources such as research articles or books you can understand that this topic has been widely researched and you can use it. 

You can start saving the relevant sources which you have found during your pre-research.

Help with Social Psychology Research Topics

Tips for Writing Your Best Psychology Research Paper

As we have mentioned, choosing a psychology topic may not be that easy. They should be relevant and will guide you throughout all the research paper writing and you will be relying on it. Everything that you will research will be based on the research question and hypothesis of your research question. However, if you do not want to trouble yourself with all of these challenges you can simply visit Dissertation Team or any other website and order quick research paper help.

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