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5 Smart Devices You Need to Buy Right Now

The Smart devices in 2019 have flourished at an enormous rate. People are buying all sorts of smart devices and converting their normal houses into a smart home. The smart devices are no longer only used to play or change songs or know the weather. Using a smart device you can now make morning coffee without even getting out of bed, grill chicken at the barbecue from inside your home or turn off your bedroom lights from your office. There are so many devices you can control using your voice and/or via your smartphone. So, we have created a list of best smart devices which you need to buy right now to turn your dumb house into a smart home. 

Amazon Echo

5 Smart Devices You Need to Buy Right Now 2

The very first smart device you need to buy is Amazon Echo, which is like a wireless speaker but also a lot more than that. You can ask the Alexa enabled Echo to play your favourite music, send messages, make calls, set alarms etc. using your voice. The Amazon Echo also works as a hub, and you can connect and control your other smart devices using voice controls via it. So, you can simply sit on your couch and change channels without even touching the remote, turn off/on lights, create a to-do list and much more using Alexa voice controls. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick 

5 Smart Devices You Need to Buy Right Now 3

Amazon Fire TV Stick is an awesome smart device, using which you can stream online content directly to your TV. From Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video to live online sports channels, you can watch them all using this. It simply needs to connect to an HDMI port on your TV and a USB charging connection, and you can sit back and play online content on your TV using Alexa enabled remote provided with it. If you wish to watch online content on 4K quality, there is a 4K variant of Fire Stick also available. If you are interested in installing Kodi or similar apps on it, there are ways to jailbreak Firestick including 4k variant. Installing Kodi on Fire TV Stick will enable you to watch all sorts of online content from across the world. 

Phillips Hue

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The next up on the list is Phillips Hue, which is the best smart bulb available currently in the market. You can connect this smart bulb to your Alexa enable hub or any hub and control it easily. Brightening or dimming the bulb can be done using its app as well. You can also change the color of the light according to your need, or simply sync it with your music and it will change color according to it. If you are out or want the lights to turn on or off at a specific time, you can do it by setting an alarm. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant as well. 

TP-Link HS200

5 Smart Devices You Need to Buy Right Now 5

TP-Link HS200 is a smart switch, using which you can turn on/off any device using your phone. The switch comes with an app, using which you can control the appliance connected to it. Any smart device won’t work if they are connected to a socket and it is turned off. With this smart switch, you can power on/off any smart or non-smart light, fan or just any other appliance. This smart switch comes with Alexa and Google Assistant support. 

Arlo Pro 2

5 Smart Devices You Need to Buy Right Now 6

The Arlo Pro 2 is home security starter kit, which includes two cameras. You can install one indoor and the other one outdoor. Both the cameras record audio and video at high quality and works well during dark as well. You can schedule these cameras to automatically record while you are away from home or set a timer for recordings to begin and end every day. It comes with free cloud storage of seven days of video clips. It’s also weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about fixing the outdoor camera under shade. 

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