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9 GoDaddy Coupons and Promo Codes for 2019

A domain hosting can be quite expensive especially when you’re starting out. However, don’t fret. Domain hosting companies like GoDaddy offer discounts, and by discounts, it usually means really huge discounts, promo codes, and coupons. These discounts can range from 5% to over 90% off domain names, so getting the perfect plan to suit your domain needs is easy.

To help you get started on your website without reaching deeper on your pocket, here are some GoDaddy coupons and promo codes for 2019:

9 GoDaddy Coupons and Promo Codes for 2019 1

Save 35% on All New Products Code: cjcrmn35mb

This promo code can be used on all the new products. This comes in handy when you’re starting out and want to get a lot of features for your new website. This includes domain hosting, web security, email and hosting, and many more. Get the best offers with huge savings. Just use the code upon checkout.

Unlimited .COMS for just $9.99 Each Code: cjc999com

This code is useful if you need to register multiple .COM domains, such as when you have several related businesses and you’d like them to be on separate domains.

Register each one for only $9.99 instead of the regular offer of $14.99 annually. If you’ll calculate it, you get to buy three domains at a price of two – definitely a great deal.

50% Off on GoDaddy Hosting Plans Code: cjccp50hp

This applies to Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate plans that offer website hosting with 24/7 support. Add-ons vary per plan. Check the GoDaddy website for the plan that suits your needs. Apply the code upon checkout for big savings.

$1.00 GoDaddy Hosting for 12 months Code: cjccouphst

Every website owner hates downtime. You don’t want your site visitors to miss the happenings on your site for even a second. The reliability of your hosting plan is key to your site’s visibility success. It’s time to get this plan and be worry-free with 24/7 professional support.

30% Off on Email Marketing!(No Code Needed – Storewide Sale!)

Email marketing is one of the earliest marketing strategies and has been enhanced and continues to evolve through time. This plan gives you access to professional email templates that are mobile friendly. Integrations with various platforms are also in place. This is your time to venture into email marketing.

Online Bookkeeping at $3.99 Per Month! (No Code Needed – Storewide Sale!)

Keeping your cash flow in check is integral to your business. If you need some help on keeping track of your finances and sales, go ahead and take advantage of this great offer. GoDaddy’s online bookkeeping allows you to create invoices and gives you a simplified tax. This product is helpful if you have seller accounts on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

$1.00 0nly on SSL Certificates Code: cjcsslc1

Be in the loop as a business owner. Recently, Google has announced that its algorithms favor websites with SSL certificates to earn a high rank. Getting an SSL certificate will not only benefit your SEO, or search engine optimization, but will also boost your visitors’ confidence on your site. The green padlock tells your visitors that the information they share on your site is encrypted.

This promo code gives you one month free SSL certificate and 30% off on the succeeding months – such a great deal for your visitors’ trust and loyalty.

Basic WordPress Hosting for $1.00 a Month! Code: cjcwph1

This offer is beneficial for startup entrepreneurs and bloggers that have built their websites using WordPress. Being new in the digital world doesn’t mean technicalities should be neglected. Getting a reliable hosting plan is a must and a wise decision to make.

Get this hosting plan for speed, reliability, and 24/7 support. Just enter the code upon checkout.

All New Products 30% Off Your Entire Order Code: GDD30off

Load up your cart with GoDaddy’s top sellers such as web security, web hosting for five years, and more. Your total bill will be slashed 30% off. With this offer, you have the confidence to shop for top-quality website features at a very competitive rate.

9 GoDaddy Coupons and Promo Codes for 2019 2

Getting the right code for your dream website is easy. A lot of sites offer promo codes for your website needs at GoDaddy.  Even if you directly go to the GoDaddy site, you can find offers that fit your needs. Not just that, GoDaddy can give you exclusive offers while you’re choosing a plan for your website. Go ahead and explore, find a good deal, and build that dream website that you’ve been planning to boost your business.

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