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How Do You Get a Bigger Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Playing games is one of the ways of cultivating relevant skills in life. Many people may not know how important playing these games can be. But what do you do to avoid failure in a game? You try to reason on how best you can avoid or deal with a certain situation successfully. Even if you fail, you still try your level best to next time. What do you learn from this? Failure is the basic foundation of success. That is why many successful individuals will tell you that they have failed a number of times before.

Playing some of these games imparts us with confidence and courage to confront problems and not give up until we get perfect solutions. Besides, some of these games help to improve our brain reaction time. Some situations in a game may require timely response while others may need a faster in the end they help us improve our processing speed. For this reason, it is important to play games. It is not all about passing it, there are benefits that come with that. Let us look at one appreciated game.

Subway Surfers

Do you know How to Play Subway Surfers on your PC? It is one of the most intuitive and interesting games. Have you played it? The game requires you to use various strategies and skills in order to be successful in the mission. Let us review this game in details. Our interest will be on the question: How Do You Get a Bigger Multiplier in Subway Surfers? This is a very common game that involves evading obstacles and last in the game the longest possible.

How to Play the Game

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Playing the game is simple. However, as mentioned earlier, you will have to be smart. Here is how you can make moves:

•    To jump, simply swipe up. This will help you evade obstacles and earn coins from the air.

•    For rolling, swipe down. You will have to move under some low obstacles during the game.

•    To change lanes, you will have to swipe either left or right depending on the prevailing conditions. In so doing, you will be able to dodge trains and buildings as well as other obstacles.

•    In order to hop the hoverboard, simply double-click your screen

Multiplier in Subway

The multiplier is so important t if you want high scores in this game. You can upsurge them on a permanent basis upon completion of the missions. Simply put, with a higher multiplier, you can easily earn highly. For instance, it would be easier to get a particular score having a 10×multiplier compared to a 5×multiplier. Even though the maximum multiplier is 30×, the following events can help increase it:

•    Score Booster

•    Special Thursday

•    Super Mysterizer

•    2× Multiplier

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With these events, it can be possible to boost your multiplier up to 100×, though temporarily.

Get a Bigger Multiplier

How can you get a higher multiplier in subway surfers? We have mentioned four events that can be instrumental in the preceding section. Is there anything else you can do? Well, the most effective way of earning a higher score faster is through boosting your multiplier. When you introduce yourself to the game, the multiplier is often at ×1. Whenever you successfully finish a mission, your level increase and as a result, your multiplier will also improve permanently by one until it gets to ×30. This simply means you will always have a score of 30 times. Take note of the following two points:

•    The missions will involve earning a particular amount of coins, collecting certain powerups, jumping over in a number of times. If you click the main menu, you will possibly see the mission button. Click it to view your current active missions.

•    Whenever there is a mission you cannot accomplish for some reasons, you will be allowed to bypass it, though for a specific number of coins. This will, however, depend on your current level. In case it is your final mission you have in order to level up, your multiplier will upsurge.

•    Aim at completing all the set missions to boost your multiplier to the maximum, ×30.

•    What you attain the x30 multiplier, purchase Score Boosters

•    Utilizing the Score Boosters, your multiplier will improve by +5

How Do You Get a Bigger Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

We have discussed a number of ways you can do. Follow these tips and you will be successful. Make sure you finish all the missions.

Subway surfers is an interesting game that requires you to display some important skills. For instance, you will be required to time your moves effectively in order to evade obstacles and earn more coins. These skills are also important in real life. We have also seen it is possible to get a bigger multiplier, though it requires efforts. Follow the tips discussed here and you will enjoy the game more.

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