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How Do You Get a Bigger Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Playing games is one of the ways of cultivating relevant skills in life. Many people may not know how important playing these games can be. But what do you do


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The Secret Challenges Unique To Startups

Getting a startup through launch day is a huge deal. Huge. You’ve had the guts to go for glory, stick your neck out, get your idea to come to life


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The Woes of Freelancing: Financial Obstacles and Solutions

Freelancing is what I recommend for anyone feeling that entrepreneurial “itch”. The path allows you to leverage existing skills into a viable business offering services. Plus, you get to improve


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Cracking The Bad Egg: Dealing With A Fraudulent Employee

We’ve all encountered an employer that has been “subpar” on occasion, and you may have been dealing with employees who have broken minor rules, such as violating the dress code


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7 Reasons Why You Are Not Ready To Be An Entrepreneur

Anyone can become an entrepreneur ― but not without a little preparation. As with any career, entrepreneurship requires concerted effort in cultivating the proper skills, knowledge, and attitude to ensure


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5 Unconventional Funding Solutions for Fantastic Startup Growth

Most entrepreneurs know about the typical places to find money: banks, venture capitalists, etc. Most even know about the online alternatives touted in most “where to find funding” blogs, such


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Asure Software Discusses Top Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

According to research reported by the Small Business Administration, the number of small businesses in the U.S. has increased 49% since 1982, with over 28 million small businesses accounting for