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Cracking The Bad Egg: Dealing With A Fraudulent Employee

We’ve all encountered an employer that has been “subpar” on occasion, and you may have been dealing with employees who have broken minor rules, such as violating the dress code or being somewhat unsavory towards their fellow workers.

But the bigger issues such as committing acts of fraud can be a challenging thing to deal with, not just from the professional perspective, but also the personal one, especially if you had a hand in hiring them. If you suspect an employee of being fraudulent here, is how you should go about dealing with it.

Gather The Evidence

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This is probably the most vital part of building a case against the person. If you heard about the issue from another employee, it’s important to get as much information as you possibly can before approaching the accused. With the amount of time stamps and logins easily accessible from a computer mainframe, you have cold hard evidence to build a case. It can be harder to keep track of the relevant person if they work remotely, in which case it may take a lot more time to build up a case. But if you use work vehicles with GPS tracking devices built in, this is a very useful surveillance tool to keep tabs on the person, and you may catch them committing the offense. It’s important that you don’t confront them until you are completely sure of their involvement.

Confronting The Employee

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This can be quite a heated conversation, but the best approach is to conduct it in private. It’s important to go straight to the issue and explain that they have been caught committing a fraudulent act. If they deny it at this point, you can show your evidence to them as proof. It’s also important to ascertain if anybody has helped them commit these fraudulent acts as their unwillingness to come forward will cause a lot more damage to the employee in question.

Discussing Why They Committed The Act


It’s important at this stage to not inform them of any disciplinary actions, as if they are aware they are going to be fired or even face criminal charges, they will very likely refuse to speak about the matter. But it’s critical for you to understand how the act occurred so you can implement business processes to prevent this in the future. If they committed fraud during times when people weren’t in the office, then a sensible solution would be to limit working hours between 9 and 5. A common trait for people committing fraud in the work place is looking like they are working excessive hours by turning up early and leaving late, and also, rarely taking vacation time.

The Final Steps

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They may show remorse, but as they have committed fraud, you can’t afford to give employees of this nature a second chance especially if they have the potential to commit another offense. So hand it to them in writing and then discuss the act of pressing charges, but if it is a small loss, it might be best avoided.

Dealing with a fraudulent employee is never an easy thing, but it’s essential for you to make an example of them to show them that you mean business but also your company knows how to prevent this type of thing happening again.

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