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How Question Based Keywords Can Improve SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO doesn’t merely involve using random keywords that capture the attention of online users when it comes to searching on search engines like Google. In the


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Increase Brand Loyalty with NPS, Surveys And TypeForm

Some customers are great for business, others… not so much. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a tool, or a formula to figure out whether or not a


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Cracking The Bad Egg: Dealing With A Fraudulent Employee

We’ve all encountered an employer that has been “subpar” on occasion, and you may have been dealing with employees who have broken minor rules, such as violating the dress code


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Ask Andy – new series coming soon – Ask me any questions you want!

Hey Guys! Just wanted to post an official blog post letting you know that I made a youtube video yesterday! Basically I want you to check it out and if