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The New Business Trip Basics: What to Pack

One of the most popular topics on business and tech blogs is travel. Over the years, there have been hundreds of different must lists for what to bring on a business trip. Of course, people have their own opinions and you can’t even find experts who agree on the essential items to pack for a short business trip.

Books on the subject make a better attempt but end up with separate chapters for each type of professional. The truth is that there can’t be one list that applies year after year. Technology and culture change at a pretty rapid pace these days.

Here is a checklist of essential items everyone should pack on a business trip:

  • Clothes: Pack enough business-appropriate clothes for the duration of your trip, plus a few extra items in case of unexpected events.
  • Toiletries: Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and any other toiletries you use on a daily basis.
  • Medications: If you take any medications, be sure to pack enough for the duration of your trip, plus a few extra days in case of delays.
  • Electronics: Pack your laptop, phone, charger, and any other electronics you need for work.
  • Documents: Pack any important documents you need for your trip, such as your passport, visa, and business cards.
  • Other items: You may also want to pack a power adapter, umbrella, and a first-aid kit.

It is also important to consider the climate of your destination when packing for your business trip. If you are traveling to a warm climate, be sure to pack light, breathable clothing. If you are traveling to a cold climate, be sure to pack warm clothing and a coat.

It is also a good idea to pack a small bag with a change of clothes, toiletries, and other essentials in case your luggage is lost or delayed.

By packing these essential items, you can ensure that you are prepared for anything on your next business trip.

So, here’s a generalist’s list of the top five things everyone should drag along on their next business trip, assuming it’s not an international journey:

Your Essential Tech

You know what you need, tech-wise, and what sort of access you need. Make absolutely sure that the hotel you’ll be staying at has a reliable Internet connection. If you’re stuck in the middle of a rural area, or in the mountains, there’s a chance you won’t be able to do what you need to do. Whether that means tapping into your cloud-based accounting data, working with a Docker syslog server or simply sending an email to the home office, make sure you’ll have net and phone access.

Laptop bags and phone charges fit in this category too. You’ll really need the bag because airport security wants those laptops out and visible. If your device and cords are not in their own container, you’ll be scrambling just to get through the line. Bring extra phone chargers. Some surveys say that they are the most forgotten item on business trips. When in doubt, pack three of them and you’ll never be in need.


This is a huge category where people seem to get lost in the weeds making endless lists. You’ll need business clothes, one set of casual things, and maybe some workout or sweat suits. Check the weather before you go and be ready for extremes. It’s smart to bring an empty garbage bag for items destined for the washing machine once you get home.

Don’t forget your undergarments. You’ll need durable and comfortable undergarments that can prevent moisture and odor during long hours of business meetings or corporate conferences. You need to pack a couple of brassieres and panties for women and undershirts and briefs for men. 

Shoes And Other Footwear Essentials 

Your shoes and other footwear essentials include a pair of shoes for your business meeting (formal), socks, and casual shoes for your other activities. If you’re planning to play golf with investors or other stakeholders, then you should prepare your golf shoes too.

Shampoo and Such

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Never assume your hotel will have the items you prefer. Pack your favorites and check on the location of the nearest retail store in your destination city. You can always buy what you need in a pinch. Plus, you won’t have to suffer through the airport inspection hassle if you travel without all your personal care items.

Business Cards

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If you’ve ever forgotten your cards, you know what a sinking feeling it can be. One of the main activities on any business trip involves connection-making and networking. Cards are the currency of interpersonal relations on a major trip, so bring twice as many as you think you’ll need.

Your Favorite Office Supplies

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Those cheap pens you love are hard to find in a strange new city. Before leaving, go through your office desk and pack a small bag of all your old familiars. Grab those pens, hole punchers, mechanical pencils, markers you’ve come to think of as old friends, note pads and anything else you can think of.

Important Files Or Documents

Always remember that business trips always involve bringing important files or documents with you. Secure your sales proposal, slides, and other paper or digital documents for your business presentation. The last thing you’d want to do is call your secretary back home to send you the copies urgently.


You’re now all set for your new business trip. Don’t forget the things discussed above to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free trip. These things should be the least of your worries once you’ve already reached your destination. This way, you can focus on the real agenda of your business trip and make it a successful one.

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