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Why Supporting Charities Is Good For Business

Studies have shown recently that millennials will spend more with brands that support causes and that most consumers think businesses should support charities. If people have a choice between two companies that offered products and services for the same price, 82 percent said their decision would be affected by whether a company engaged with charities and its local community. There are some great examples of how big companies are doing this, there’s Stella Artois’ “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign provides access to clean drinking water to women (mothers) in third world countries; Xerox’s Community Involvement Programme which gives employees the chance to work on social projects of their choice and TOMS Shoes’ One for One Campaign where the company matches every pair of shoes sold with a new pair for children in need meaning that the company has now gone from a shoe company to a socially responsible organization that has given 60 million shoes to disadvantaged children. 

Apart from the impressive stats and the fact that people will choose your business over another if you’re involved with charities, here are some more reasons why charity work is something you should be considering for your company:

You’ll Feel Good 

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It feels good to raise money or other donations for a deserving cause; it’s always nice to know you’re doing something worthwhile and if your employees don’t get complete job satisfaction on a daily basis then knowing they’re doing something good and helping out a worthy cause could help with that. Recently, the staff at Air Charter Service’s office in London raised £28,892 for Macmillan Cancer Support which they were told will pay for a nurse for 1,000 hours, helping people living with cancer and their families to receive essential medical, practical and emotional support, which is something that is close to a lot of people’s hearts at ACS. It’s nice that people know where their money is going and also if it makes a difference in the life of someone they know. 

Charity Events Create Team Building Opportunities.

Depending on how big your company is, some people may never have spoken to each other before because they have no reason to. However, get them on a sponsored walk together or manning the cake stall, and a new relationship could form. It could be different teams bonding, or different age groups, or perhaps communication between senior management and other employees, which are all good for the business. 

Charity Work Provides Networking Opportunities

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Meeting up with a network of like-minded business people from other companies to help work for a common cause will undoubtedly bring networking benefits. This is a way to reach out and connect with other businesses and sectors of the community on a different platform.

It Helps Define Your Corporate Identity

Supporting charities shows that your business is trustworthy and ethical. This can be an essential tool when recruiting new employees who want to know they are moving to a great company with true values.

It Can Provide Great PR

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Taking part in charity fundraising will mean that your business opportunities have the chance to be seen in the media and will show you in a good light. Detailing your charitable efforts on your website will reinforce to customers, clients, and other businesses that you are a reputable organization.

Most of all, everyone brings their passion and best work to a worthwhile project. Choose a charity you believe in, not just one that seems like the obvious choice in your sector – this way, your enthusiasm for the cause will inspire others too.

When looking for a charity to support, look for a cause that you believe in and to which you or your employees have a connection to. Not only will it be more fun, but also you’ll be happier, giving your time and means. It’s a good idea to appoint one person to be in charge and then a committee, which will help spread the tasks related to finding and managing the charity or charities that you choose.
From a business perspective, it’s a good idea to look for charities that will give you meaningful exposure to a large number of influential people, and if you are sponsoring a charitable event, try to choose one in which your target market would participate. If you don’t have any in mind, then have a look at the Charity Choice website to help you.

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