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What Tech Do Colleges Students Need To Survive in the 21st Century?

Paper and pencils still exist, but they are certainly not what college students will be stocking up on when they head back to campus this year. In fact, for modern students, it is all about tech, and there are plenty of items to choose from too. In fact, deciding what is essential and what isn’t can be something of a puzzle. Luckily, you can get the lowdown on all the most critical tech to do with the student realm below. Keep reading for more.

What Tech Do Colleges Students Need To Survive in the 21st Century 4


The smartphone will be at the top of the list for most students. In fact, not only does it provide a direct link to home with video calling, but it will also link a student to all their peers as well. Basically acting as a pocket computer where they can check their documents on Google, read emails, and log in to their Universities’ server.

Of course, that does mean that you do need to make sure the phone they pick is the right one for the student in question. In fact, unlike at other times in their lives, the critical aspect of a smartphone using college may be the monthly cost. Especially if the student is expected to pay for it themselves along with all the other monthly outgoings, they will be taking on.

To that end, choosing a less expensive model, or a reconditioned phone may be a better choice. The reason being that it will give them access to all the functions they need, but also keep the price as low as possible.


Do bear in mind, however, that just because a student has s smartphone doesn’t mean that they won’t also need access to a laptop as well. In fact, laptops are pretty essential for those attending college these days for several reasons.

The first is that most projects are expected to be typed, meaning students will need to be able to access a machine on which to do these on. Now, there will be computer labs around campus, usually, ones that are open 24 hours a day. However, for convenience and safety sake, making sure your student has their own laptop is a much better idea.

Of course, many also choose to use a laptop instead of getting a TV set for their room. Something that can not only save money but also is much more convenient if they are in a dorm-style situation. After all, they can just pop their earphones in and watch whatever they want without disturbing their roommates. They can even find the best vpn for youtube and use their laptop to get access to TV shows and entertainment from all around the world. Something perfect for both international students missing home, and language students that want to practice comprehension, alike.

Tablet and pen

Not every single student heading to college will ‘need’ a tablet and pen, but they certainly can be useful. In fact, tablets can be beneficial in 3 main types of situations. The first is where the student uses them along with a pen or pencil designed for use with the tablet to take handwritten notes. In fact, many of the basic programs they come with can quickly transform handwritten notes to typed text. This being something that can make keeping tracking of critical ideas in a lecture a lot easier.

Another situation where a tablet and pen can come into its own, where the students need to draw images or diagrams a lot for their course. Something that learners focused on anything from Fine Art to Engineering may need.

Finally, some students choose to use a tablet instead of a laptop, perhaps because of cost implications. Now, this can work, as long as they invest in a compatible keyboard. Although, as the time spent typing at college can be a lot, the ergonomics of using a setup like this may not be as good for posture as using a laptop over the long term.

Smart notebook

Again, a smart notebook certainly isn’t an essential piece of tech, but it can be another handy item to have at University. In case you haven’t come across these before they are much like a regular notebook, but with wipeable pages. The idea being that you use them with erasable pens.

The smart part comes in because you can take a picture of each page with your phone. Something that they usually add QR codes into the corner to help you do. Then you will have handwritten notes on file digitally. Which will not only save you lots of room but will also mean finding any information you need is a lot faster and easier as well.

What Tech Do Colleges Students Need To Survive in the 21st Century 3
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Noise-canceling headphones

When it comes to essentials, noise-canceling headphones are a must for any college student. In fact, if they aren’t using them to block out the chitter-chatter of the sorority sisters chatting in the library, they can use them in many other situations as well.

In fact, a decent pair of headphones can be used to listen to music, and other media content such as podcasts, videos, and movies. All without having to be subjected to complaints by your roommate. Additionally, if someone in the next room is being physically intimate with their SO, a situation typical of college, noise-canceling headphones can really help to avoid the embarrassment as well!

An amazing alarm clock

Another essential that any student will need is a good alarm clock. Otherwise, their chances of getting up for those 9am lectures will go from slim to none. Happily, there are plenty of techy options available for even the most reluctant riser.

One, in particular, that will help them make all of their tutorials is the wheel clock, which after emitting an ear-splitting beep then rolls off down the room. Something that means the student in question will have to get their sleepy butt out of bed to turn it off. Of course, if they are sharing a dorm with a light sleeper, this may not be the best option!

Happily, there is another one to consider, as well. This option is to get the student to download an app on their phone that uses a gentle alarm and vibration to wake them. The great this about this type of alarm is that they can use it to monitor their sleep patterns, and so it will know the best time to wake them up. Something that can make it so much easier for them to get up in the morning.

Door cam

Security is significant concerns for most students these days, and happily, there is plenty of tech that can help them to feel safe. No matter where they end up living. One item, in particular that can be useful is a video doorbell. This being something that allows them to check and screen who gains entry to their home, dorm, or room. Something that can help them to protect their personal safety, as well as the security of their belongings.

Additionally, there are now plastic safes readily available online that lock with a number pad. These can also be securely fastened to other objects in a student’s room. What this means is that even if they do end up sharing with a room full of total strangers, they will have a safe and secure place to keep all of their items. Something that can help provide peace of mind, and also reduce potential insurance costs as well.


Another uni gadget that you may want to pack your student off with is a decent pair of Bluetooth speakers. After all, it is quite likely they will want to play their music out loud with friends, or even in a party situation.

Happily, there is an excellent range of good quality portable speakers available. Such speakers also span a variety of price points as well. Something that means no matter what your budget, you can find something to suit it.

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Finally, even though most assignments are submitted electronically, investing in a wireless printer is still a smart move for many students. In fact, students often use them to print off notes to share with their peers, and even to print PDFs and sections from books they have found online. Something that many people can find more comfortable to annotate and work with that merely highlighting on the screen.

Of course, when it comes to printers, you will want to locate a wireless model, as well as one that comes with an ink package subscription. Something that means the student will never get into a situation where they run out of ink, and not have the money to replace it!


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In conclusion, there are a few items that are absolutely essential to modern student life. These include the obvious choices such as laptops or tablets, and smartphones, a decent alarm clock or app, as well as a decent pair of headphones.

Additionally, there are some items that while not 100% essential for success can undoubtedly make the life of a modern student easier. These include a smart notebook, speakers, and a printer as well.

Of course, when it comes to investing in these later items, it is wise to check the budget, and the need for them carefully, before making an investment.

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