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Five Ways Technology is Enhancing Humanity

Technological advancements are rapidly changing the way we live. As technology becomes more intelligent, precise, and predictable, it will only improve human progress. Most of these changes are good, yet caution is necessary to make sure that all of this progress is in our best interest. The tech world is evolving quickly and facilitating humans in all kinds of ways. Still there are drawbacks. People spend more time on their phones than they do talking at dinner. While we all need to navigate the changing world around us, technology is enhancing humanity in these five ways.


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Technology has opened up the doors of knowledge to just about every human who has access to the internet. Information has never been more accessible. While anyone with an internet connection can find knowledge, the intelligence of machines just may surpass our own. With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, computers are teaching themselves new things and are learning to be self-sufficient without humans. AI will be integrated into nearly every aspect of life. Technology helps humans become smarter, but what happens when we don’t need to be intelligent for our machines to know more than we do?


There are many ways that technology is making us safer. Advancing automobile technology, for example, is forging safer roads. GPS technology, image-capture abilities, remote car-testing, and self-driving capabilities are making cars safer. Other forms of transportation will also be facilitated by these technologies. Furthermore, technological enhancements like the Sarcos exoskeleton suit are making humans safer in a variety of situations. Robotics technology is providing safer ways to lift heavy objects with suits like this and providing robots that can go to dangerous places humans should avoid, all while optimizing the efficiency and productivity of our jobs and lives.


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Productivity is greatly enhanced by technology in a number of ways. First, automation has made building, packing, and shipping products easier. Not only do machines get the job done faster than humans, it is also cheaper to employ robots. Next, data harvesting is providing information on the habits and behavior of humans around the world—offering the ability to anticipate our needs more effectively. Computers are helping us get tasks done faster and more thoroughly. Whether it’s data analysis or physical tasks like automotive assembly, technology is expanding our productivity in ways we don’t yet know.


As technology advances, everything will get faster. 5G internet for example will make larger files easier to download. We will be able to stream high-quality video more effectively. Surgeons will be able to do remote surgeries. Self-driving cars will greatly improve because they have faster access to GPS photo capture technology. Transportation will get faster, but so will the rest of our society.

Virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality will become more accurate and precise. Neural links between the brain and computers will make the spread of information and ability to use that information much faster. When it comes to large spaces like stadiums, faster internet will facilitate all kinds of advancements. Machines continue to run faster and more smoothly. Technology is speeding up, and everything else in our lives will get faster with it.


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Finally, technology is much more accurate than humans are. Whether it’s graphs, data analysis, or programming, AI provides the capability for machines to learn from themselves. Over time, accuracy of these machines will only improve. Whatever the numbers are for, we will have access to more precise rundowns. Everything in our lives is increasingly connected by technology, and as time goes on the precision of machines will far surpass the accuracy of humans.

There is truly no telling where all of this will lead. We are in unprecedented territory. Technology continues to improve, becoming more accurate, faster, more productive, safer, and more intelligent. While it’s incredibly important to monitor these advancements, there is no stopping progress. Some people argue that we are already at the point of no return, when machines match human intelligence. With just about everything in our lives connected to technology, humanity is becoming indistinguishable from our devices. It enhances humanity, without a doubt, but it remains to be seen how it will hinder us. There are already problems and more obstacles are to come, but the progress is undeniable.

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