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How to Overcome the Fear of Writing An Essay

Do you fear writing an essay? Well, you are not alone! 

Writing an essay can be a difficult task. There are times when you know what you want to write about but have no clue how to express your thoughts in words. Or, you start writing an essay but get stuck halfway. Alternatively, you may be clueless about how to even begin the essay. 

It is therefore not surprising that you fear writing essays. The fear may stem from the fact that you don’t want to fail, you want to write a great piece or you want to meet set expectations.

If you are wondering how you can overcome the fear of writing an essay, you can quickly get help from an expert at Although we will also help you with a few ways to overcome the fear of writing an essay.

So, let’s start.

1. Change your mindset

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Your mindset plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome of your actions. If you continue viewing essay writing as a daunting task even before you start working on an assignment, you will always fear the process. So, change your mindset. Start regarding essay writing as a manageable task. 

2. Carry out thorough research on the topic

Thorough research is the base of essay writing. It gives you a better understanding of the area your essay will focus on and an idea of what you should include in your essay. 

The reason why you get stuck halfway when writing an essay is that you have run out of ideas. To avoid this, ensure that you carry out extensive research before working on the essay.

3. Come up with an outline 

An outline is a roadmap that will help you organize your essay and ensure that it will have a proper flow once you start writing the essay. By following it, you will include all your points and the essay will be well organized. 

4. Start writing

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We all have that one voice in our head that makes us think that our piece is not good enough. The disadvantage of this voice is that it makes you waste time trying to craft the perfect sentences that represent your ideas in the best way possible. 

In return, you will have a hard time expressing your thoughts. Instead of focusing on perfection, just jot down all your ideas. Once you come up with a rough draft, you can revise the essay and correct any mistakes.

5. Practice

It is always said that practice makes perfect. The same is true for essay writing. When you write essays regularly, you will learn how to convert your thoughts into words and identify mistakes you often make. Once you perfect your essay-writing skills, you will overcome your fear of writing an essay.

Wrapping up

The only way to overcome the fear of writing an essay is to follow steps that ease the writing process. Writing an essay is like skating; getting the hang of it is a piece of cake.

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