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Cool Home Installations For Any Tech Geek Dad

There’s a reason so many Dads are tech geeks – fiddling around with tech, installing functionality into your home, and perhaps increasing your entertainment options can be very enjoyable to tinker with, and there’s nothing quite like seeing the best of the best in terms of entertainment or convenience thanks to your wise and shrewd investment.

While it’s important not to be frivolous in your spending and to make sure you always review the products that are worth buying (our website can help you with this!) sometimes, you just want to have a cool time, and invest in a product that provides you joy, and helps your family unwind with a sense of entertainment.

So, what cool home installations could any tech geek Dad appreciate? Well, it depends on what kind of tech lover you are. For some, creating a media centre is the ultimate good, for others, a gaming haven is something that we’ve been dreaming about for years. In this fun post, we’ll try to encompass all of that and more. Let’s get started:

Utilities That Support

Before you get started, sometimes you just have to focus on the basics and what potential they provide. This might mean taking the time to compare internet bundles so that you can feel as though you have the speeds you need, or it may mean subscribing to services that give you certain functionalities.

For instance, streaming content from your PC to your TV could be aided with an Nvidia Shield if you’re after gaming, or maybe setting up a Plex server on your computer with a spare hard drive can help you easily stream your digital files on any television in the house. These efforts can of course serve as the installations that help you revolutionize your tech space, but as they are quite baseline and will serve a range of needs, it’s best to consider them as utilities that help you achieve the best result.

There’s no need to purchase everything in this way, or there’s no need to invest in the best of the best internet if you have a relatively small family with only a few devices used. Thankfully, many services allow you to mix and match your approach, which can be tremendously helpful.

A VR Gaming Space

Virtual Reality: The Future of Gaming

A VR gaming space can be a wonderful indulgence, something that can take your gaming experience to the next level. There are two headsets currently worth considering, either the Valve Index which is considered to be at the top of the market (but it’s expensive and requires the installation of base stations) and the Oculus Rift 2, a much cheaper option that allows you both wired connectivity to your PC games and wireless setup as well as simple consuming of content.

You’ll be amazed at how far VR has come, as refresh rates are to the point where motion sickness can be relatively easily overcome after exposure, and games, like Moss VR, Boneworks and Half-Life Alyx are absolutely incredible to see and enjoy. This isn’t to mention interactive films, as well as being able to watch services like Netflix on a virtual big screen. As a fun indulgence, and with room to place base stations or other accessories you may deep appropriate (like the Oculus link that connects to your PC and uses GPU power to ensure high-quality gaming experiences), you can have a great time, and past a certain age, your children may enjoy this too!

Home Assistants

It’s Been a Few Years: Where Do We Stand With Smart Speakers?

Home assistants are a convenience that many people believe it’s easy to live without, but it’s true that for remembering groceries, making reminders, keeping up on the news, asking for a weather update and even integrating with other smart features in your household (like a coffee maker or even curtains holder) home assistants can be tremendously useful.

Perhaps the first place to start is your smartphone. If you wish to use this utility, look no further, as this will provide you the means to curate your settings and your privacy needs in relation to your usage of this platform. Then, it might be worth setting up little conveniences, such as curating your note list, or integrating with your music streaming platform, and more.

LED Lighting

Sometimes, you don’t need the biggest and best gadget to enjoy a cool tech environment. If you’re interested in reading through tech review magazines or simply watching content of home setups on YouTube, you’ve likely noticed that colored LED lighting is in, and it’s hard to understand why this came into vogue all of a sudden.

Or, perhaps it’s not, because using cheap LED strips around the skirting boards of your home, behind the desk where your gaming computer is situated, or even behind your wall-mounted 4K TV can add an ambiance that you might not have experienced before. This kind of small detail can help futurize your living space, helping it feel more rewarding as a zone for your geeky hobby.

Smart Displays

Smart displays, such as smart speakers, smart televisions, smart home assistants, and even smart mirrors can be used to help add continually updated and worthwhile technological prowess to a room in particular, which can really make a tremendous difference in how that space is perceived.

It might be that you simply wish to have the weather reported to you, or hourly news updates you can look at, or simply photo frames that help showcase a range of memories over time to drip-feed you a continual amount of nostalgia, these efforts can not only be rewarding but can help polish off your geek den.

Gaming & Physical Media Shelves

Physical media shelves are tremendously useful ways of storing your collection so far, from your blu ray collection to old game box sets you keep for the purpose of remembering the history of your hobby. From wall cubbyholes to full squared bookshelves, trimmings like this can make all the difference.

With this advice, we hope you can make the best of cool home installations appreciated by any tech geek Dad.

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