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How to Use Technology to Teach Writing Skills

Writing skills are important for success in any career. Learn how teachers can use modern technology to teach their students to write well.

4 Innovative Ways to Use Technology to Teach Writing

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Writing skills are an essential part of high school and college education but it’s no secret that lots of high school graduates who enter colleges and universities cannot write. They lack skills necessary to write on a college level and often have to look for professional help with their essay writing online. Currently, high-tech innovations for learning may offer a great solution to this serious problem. There are a wide variety of tech methods and tools for teaching writing skills that can make the process easier. Here you can find some effective tech-focused ways to help high school and college students learn grammar and essay-writing.

Grammar tutorials

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Lots of students find it hard to understand grammar concepts and rules even if they are taught them in class. They just can make the connection between a conceptual idea and implementing it into their practice in real life. Teachers can organize training such skills and tech can help them in that. There are a lot of websites online where you can find grammar tutorials to help students fill in this gap. Most tutorials have exercise to train grammar skills. The new advanced software can even help students when they write and address the grammar issues as they happen. This makes the teaching and learning processes more effective because students can become strong writers, learning from a teacher and the tech.

Automated programs for grading essays

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Teachers typically have to grade the work of a lot of students so it’s impossible to provide detailed feedback on their writing, give comments and insights that are necessary for students to succeed. There are high-tech solutions to this problem that can actually help students get assistance that they need and ensure that teachers have enough time for grading. There are increasingly complex software programs that assist students to fix mistakes in their writing. It’s important that these programs can offer feedback during the writing process. Students can make changes in their papers before submitting them and use feedback at the time when it really matters. Besides, students don’t feel overwhelmed because they get feedback in manageable chunks. These programs appeared only recently and are evolving but they are sure to become a useful tool that will help teachers to teach college and high school writing.

Multimedia experience

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Hundreds of free multimedia tools can be used by teachers in the classroom to challenge and engaged students when they are working on their writing assignments. For example, they can ask students to turn their written stories into animation or to write the scripts for short films. Another interesting way to use multimedia experience is to combine videos that students have shot with poetry they have written. Using multimedia tools encourages creativity and motivates students to improve their writing projects and make them perfect.

Use blogs

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Writing a story for a blog can be a great motivation for those students who are reluctant to write because most students like the idea of sharing their writing online through a blog. There are education-centered blogging websites that are safe and secure and allow students to create web-ready writing. Students can work independently creating their own blog on a given topic and can collaborate with other people to create a blog together.

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In the future, children are likely to work in the digital sphere so learning to write for a web is a critical skill to develop. A good idea can be to ask students to turn their writing assignment into an e-book or a newsletter.  Publishing their work online can make children feel proud and motivate them to work harder on their projects.

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