Stretch Your Writing Muscles: Give Your Blog A Complete Workout!

As humans, we can always benefit from a bit of a refresh, and this usually requires hard graft, either mentally or physically. Having a workout isn’t just a beneficial way to give yourself a new outlook, but it helps to retrain and restructure the fundamental parts of your very being. What has this got to do with a blog? Well, in giving your blog a workout, and addressing some of the old habits that make your content lackluster or unable to hit the mark, it overhauls your content and gives it a sense of freshness. So, let’s give your blog a workout.

The Structure

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Do you favor the writing style that is incessant prose? Studies are showing that it’s the very first few sentences that will make a person decide whether they want to read on or not. So, think about your structuring. For a blog that is short and sweet, the rule of three will always work the best.

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Use the first third of your article to set up the main points, the second part to identify these points, but also use the third section to provide a resolution to the problem you’ve asked in the first section. Screenwriters have made a living by the three-act structure, and this is something that is definitely worth applying to your blog.

Your Wording

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Yes, there is an importance to keeping your own writing style. But there are different ways to make your words pop. And while an endless stream of onomatopoeic words may jump out at the reader, your content isn’t going to fizzle.

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So, instead what you can do is take advantage of online tools like that will show you if you are unhelpfully using too many adverbs. Or if you are writing sentences in a verbose manner that is very difficult to comprehend. And, lest we forget, content is king. If your content is great, then you don’t need to disguise it with various florid wording!

Optimizing It

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What use is a great blog if it hasn’t got the right audience? You may subscribe to the old adage that great art will find an audience. But this is very difficult in the modern world. So you’ve got to start using your brain a bit more. So, great content is king, marketing is greater. This means making a blog optimized for SEO.

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You can use resources like to give you a helping hand, or you can research it yourself. In an ideal world, the content that has heart and soul will reach the right audience. This is only a half-truth, and as you know, we rely so much more on “shares” than anything now. So utilize those little tricks that help your blog to traverse up the SEO ladder.

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This is merely the tip of the iceberg, but as with any engaging content, it requires a lot of hard work. Apart from saying that you need to write all the time, you could try a few of these options to give your blog that leg-up it needs. And, write with passion. If you don’t mean what you write, why should anybody believe you and subscribe to your blog?

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