Blog Writing Guide: What I Wish I Would’ve Known When I Started Blogging

When writing a blog one has to bear so many little details into account that often those new to this opt for guides like the one you are reading right now for a better start.

We are not surprised that so many people these days choose to blog. According to the Express Writers, around 7 million people are writing their blogs and another 12 million have use social media as a way to blog.

Blogs are a perfect way to make money if you know how this market works. In fact, BlogHer states that people trust blogs as the primary information source when searching for answers. Thus, bloggers can get paid for promotion. About 81% of Americans define blogs as trusted sources of information.

But we believe that as long as you are reading this article, you already know how to make money with blogging. The only question you might be having is how to blog write.

So, grab this guide and see for yourself how blogging can be done right and turn into an exciting journey!

Things to know before you start your own blog

Take it seriously.

How Do You Compare to Serious Business Bloggers? [Infographic]

A lot of people consider blogging a hobby which can be paid for. However, it is not so. Top bloggers that are paid for what they are writing work full-time on their blogs. The thing is that research, writing, revision, promotion, communication with the readers and potential customers all take too much time. Plus, the technologies develop and changes and you will have to keep up with all the trends. That is a time-consuming task.

So, by offering an hour a day to your writing, you won’t achieve much (read – nothing).

Only write about things you are in love with.

21 Warning Signs You Chose the Wrong Topic for Your Blog

You have to sound passionate about the topics you are covering, or you will not build a strong positive image of a real expert in this area.

However, when choosing a niche to write in, you should also make sure that you can make money in it. If the competition is too high or too low, the audience is very narrow, or your level of competence is too low, your efforts will not be rewarded financially.

You need a plan.

How to Improve Your Travel Blog in 10 Simple Steps

If you hope that you will always have the inspiration to write, so you need no plan whatsoever, then we will disappoint you by telling you the truth which is that inspiration comes and goes but you have to keep writing all the time.

So, write a plan with the topics that you want to cover within the next month or two. Get an editorial calendar, specify topics, dates, and stick to this plan at all times.

Learn how to promote your blog.

How To Promote Your Blog With 107 Content Promotion Tactics

You need to know marketing deep enough to promote your own blog. The fact that you are a fantastic writer and compose a fantastic literature review with your eyes closed does not mean that you will be loved and read by millions. Those millions need to learn about your existence somehow. And that is why, you need to be your own marketer.

Be ready to pay for it first.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog?

Marketing efforts will take not only time but also money. So, be ready to be pay for your domain registration, custom blog theme, web hosting and services you will use when promoting.

These things will not only be paid off later, but they will also save you much time and make your life much easier. So, get ready to keep your pockets open for new great purchases.

Be proactive on the social media.

Complete Guide to Building Your Blog Audience

Just to have an account on the social media is not going to work for you. You are to be active there, engage into discussions, offer freebies to grow your email list, etc.

Your job there is to build relationships and create a positive image so that your name becomes a real brand, loved and respected.

Invest time and effort.

the number of hours i spent blogging this week

Blogging is a long-term investment that won’t bring you billions at first, because to get something out of it, you have to invest a lot into it. So, dedicate time daily to your blog and always try to grow professionally by taking courses, reading blogs by leaders of the niche and analyzing your previous works.

Revise the content constantly.

A Helpful Writing Exercise to Focus Your Blog Content

Sometimes writing more is not essential. You can revise your earlier works and rewrite them. Improve the style, make it more personal, add more interesting facts and case studies – and post it again under a new headline. If it is a good piece of content, it will get as many shares and engagement as a new one. So, why re-inventing the wheel if you already have good articles?

Use different income streams.

12 Blogging Income Streams [And the Story of My 10 Year ‘Overnight’ Success]

Once you start, you might get focused on only one stream of income, while it is much more effective to use different ones altogether. For instance, you can enter the affiliate market, start posting paid ads on your website and promote products on your page. See how you can implement different ways of making money at the same time.

Be productive.

10 Blogging Distractions That Will Make Your Blog Suffer

If you are trying to combine blogging with a different job, then you can just try to make the most out of the time you have to keep it running. Say no to distractions, learn productivity hacks, work when you can do the most and see how many more hours you will get in your day!

Don’t be perfect.

The ultimate, 6,000 word guide to making it as a blogger in 2017

People that want to produce perfect content will not survive for too long. There will always be flaws and things to improve, but do not eat up yourself for them and learn on the go!

Blogging can be a great job you can do from home. You get to talk about things you care about and are paid for it. But do not dive into it without our 11 tips: they can make all the difference for you! Will you?

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