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Want A High Energy Productive Team? 5 Creative Tips To Upgrade Your Workspace!

A good office space means your employees will be happier and therefore more productive- which is good news for you! When your staff are happy, and turnaround is low, it means less money spent on recruitment and training and staff are more likely to genuinely care about the work that they do. A great office space is essential since this is where workers will be spending most of their time. Here’s how you can go about improving yours.

Comfort is Key!

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Good quality, supportive chairs will prevent back, neck and even wrist strain. Ergonomically designed equipment and properly thought out workstations will allow staff to stay safe and comfortable. Another thing to consider is the temperature of your office. It shouldn’t be too hot or cold since this can make staff uncomfortable as well as lead to lower productivity levels. Commercial air conditioning and heating in your office will keep the temperature correct during different times of the year.

Consider Office Layout

As well as the furniture itself, you should also pay attention to the layout of your office. For example, when you put desks next to windows it allows your staff to benefit from the natural light. This is much better than harsh artificial lighting for a couple of reasons. It’s better for the eyes since the human eye is designed to adjust to daylight. It also boosts mood and also productivity. When workers are happier, they generally perform better. It’s a simple tip and costs nothing but could help to boost your business.

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How to Create a Productive Office Space

Brighten The Space

A coat of paint can make your office look light, bright and airy- and the kind of environment that people are happy to work from. Plus, it makes a good impression to customers or clients if you have meetings in your office too. If your walls are looking grubby, the floor has seen better days and everywhere looks dingy then a refurb might be in order. Light neutrals will appeal to just about everyone and make the best use of the space. Good lighting that’s neither too harsh or too dim is beneficial, so research different bulbs and a brightness that suits the size of your office. Finally, you can liven up the area with plants. The bright green leaves add some colour, texture and interest in a way that still looks professional. Plants in the workplace have been said to boost mood and productivity in workers too which is always a good thing!

Upgrade Your Technology

If slow computers are the bane of your employees work day, you will need to upgrade. When time is money, slow technology may be costing you more than you think. Not only does it waste valuable time but it can also make your business look unreliable to customers. With new models, you have to pay up front, but you then have fast and reliable machines which will perform tasks much better. Good hardware and software can help to automate things so that workers aren’t performing tedious manual tasks, which saves time and money and frees up your employees to do other important jobs. Having computer automated jobs means you need to hire fewer workers in the first place too, which means more profit margins for you. To keep everything quick, efficient and accurate- good technology is the way to go.

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How Does Technology Affect Employee Productivity?

Don’t Forget Storage!

If you want your business to run smoothly, the right storage systems are so important. This refers to both cloud and physical storage. Investing in cloud-based backup storage means there are less physical files for you to store. Not only is this practical for filing purposes but it can also make sure everything is protected in the event of fires, floods or other disasters. However, there are always going to need to be some things you need physical copies of. And for this reason, you need good storage in your office. It will all depend on the size of your business; it could be anything from a room or cupboard to a couple of filing cabinets. If you go for designs that blend with the rest of your office furniture, it will look aesthetically pleasing as well as being practical. Your storage should be easy for your staff to get to and grab what they need. For example, boxes of important supplies being kept on a shelf that’s too high for people to reach easily, or so low they have to bend down can be irritating for your employees to deal with.

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